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Sugestion - adding new states

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I think that Knights of Honor II Sovereign will surely have many formable nations as the previous game didn't have a lot of formable countries. However I also doubt that special states such as Hanseatic League and Kingdom of Aksum which is somewhat far from Europe will be avalible to be formed on release. They might be avalible as a DLC or perhaps they won't be in the game at all.

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   I would also suggest that restoration of Byzantium by one of the Byzantine successor states should only require taking Constantinople and what remains of the Latin Empire. This is better than having to take out both latins and the remaining Byzantine successor states which I believe was the case in KoH1. It would be also more historicly correct as both of the states still existed when Byzantium was restored by Nicea. 

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Some ideas for formable nations:

Scandinavia - as Denmark, Sweden or Norway

Byzantium - by Nicea, Epirus or Trebizond. Restores its glory by taking back Anatolia, Antioch, Cyprus and all of Greece. Maybe Jerusalem and Egypt could be incorporated too. 

Roman Empire - Byzantium or Italy. Restores its glory if they take all of provinces in its historically biggest extent

Italy - any Italian state besides Papacy. Requires controlling Tuscany, Lombardy and Savoy. Restores glory if takes all of Italy (Genoa and Venice don't have to be completely destroyed, they can continue to exist on Crimea or Crete) , however war with all other catholics because of conquest of Papacy

Germany - any German state, only if Germany doesn't exist. Germany can also restore its glory if they annex other german states and some more provinces in northen Italy, Bohemia, Pomerania and Silesia. This is usually in later start date if I am not mistaken 

Russia - any Russian state besides Golden Horde or Khazars 

Great Moravia - Bohemia or Poland

Romania - by Wallachia or Moldavia. Restores glory by taking Transylvania 

Bulgaria - by any Bulgarian state, there were 3 if I remember in KoH1. Restores glory by taking provinces when it was at highest extent

Spain - any catholic state on Iberia besides Portugal 

Teutonic Order - restores glory by taking all of Blatic provinces 

Ireland - any Irish state

Umayyad - by Arabia, or maybe by any arab state

France - restores glory by taking Burgundy

Burgundy - restores glory by taking area between France and Germany

Great Britain - England, Scotland or Wales

Papacy - any Catholic army that takes Rome if Papacy gets conquered. Just like in KoH I 

Jerusalem - any crusader army that takes Jerusalem

Any more ideas? 


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I doubt that "Italia" was ever considered a single state by Italians until 19th century. From my understanding they are not even sure about that even now )

"Russia" was not a single state even by a formal name up until 1485. Which is not even close to what we think about Russia right now. In fact, you probably don't even want to go into that discussion. 

"Germany" as a single nation was not a thing until mid 19th century.

"Great Britain" was not a thing until King James, start of 17th century.

All these "nations" are very modern things. From the perspective of the KoH2 time period all these "nations" are in fact totally alien to a mindset of feudal Europe.




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Well we have formable nations in the game which is quite fun. The list I could find from site gameplay. tips is: 

Serbian Empire
Byzantine Empire
Ottoman Empire
Kalmar Union
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Armenian Empire


However in the dev's gameplay they formed Latium which really makes me hope there are more nations to be formable. If you find any please do add onto the list. 

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