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  1. You melt people with kisses... 😂
  2. Come on don't be shy...post the damn picture! 😁
  3. Title of this thread should be renamed "Sucking up to Brad". 🤢
  4. I agree absolutely regarding the look of the buildings and castles. Also why are there no harbors, coastal castles are too close to the sea. However, I must notice from the picture above that the image of the royal court member has improved so I guess they will improve the looks of the castles as well.
  5. These two are going to be magnets for spy assassins... 😂😂😂 Just kidding guys, congratulations on your avatars!!! I'll reload the game once you pop up in the Royal Court. 🤣🤣🤣
  6. Ivory Knight looks like king's third son who didn't make it to the Royal Court and now he is homeless and without any clothes on. 😁
  7. I like that you don't mind sacrificing few peasants dying of hunger for a good party. 😁
  8. Yavor you look like merchant who drunk up all the realms coins. 😁
  9. I agree with Camerlengo completely! Sovereign of Papacy should be current Pope. Also, I love the idea of clerics in catholic nations going through some process of becoming cardinals. and the Pope to be elected from the class of cardinals. Each step of improvement should carry other title, for example bishop, archbishop, cardinal instead of receiving stars like in KOH1. Same with the orthodox countries and similar with Muslim nations. I would also entertain the idea of giving a royal court members some specific titles or roles in addition of them being marshals, merchants etc. Le
  10. You don't look like a knight material. More like a merchant or diplomat. 😁
  11. Sound good!!! I like the idea of music reflecting the culture of an area, sounds like a good idea. My favorite track from Knights of Honor was "Where my Heart Is".
  12. I agree having them occupy a slot gives more complexity, but once you fill up slots with knights, merchants etc. you lose option of having prisoners. If you have separate place to keep prisoners with limited number of prison cells you could have option of having prisoners throughout the entire playing time and make it part of your strategy whether you will ransom, execute them or just keep them until they die.
  13. Will captured rebels, enemy knights, spies occupy royal court slots like in original KOH? I think they should not and suggest for prisoners to be kept outside of royal court. Another question is way are coastal cities right on the edge of the land like Lisbon in the picture above? I think I saw same thing on the picture of Barcelona. Why those cites are not placed little bit inland with the harbor on the coastline like in original KOH.
  14. Knights in the picture above also look a bit large on this map. I would suggest that their size be reduced. The ratio between size of the map, knights, castles etc. in the first KOH was great. Besides this the map looks really good. I am sure BSG will perfect it. 🙂 I agree details are crucial in KOH and made us fall in love with this game.
  15. I agree as well. Old pictures of nobility were very god. I would not change much and only add even more icons/pictures. Also the crown shown in the corner of the picture of the king or prince when they are promoted to the royal court should be kept.
  16. Hey Brad! Since you grown your Coronabeard you look like a marshal from KOH. BSG should make your avatar and add you in KOH2. 🙂
  17. Name/Handle: Prince of Zeta Country: Crna Gora aka Montenegro Games I like to play: Knights of Honor all day every day. 🙂 Pets: None
  18. I agree totally!!! It looks very basic. I think royal look court should not be changed too much. Also, kingdom power bar and treasury bar should be kept as in the KOH1. Court members should look much more brighter just like in KOH1. I would also increase number of characters i.e. pictures of court members. Would you be able to choose picture of your court member or they would be assigned randomly as in KOH1. Option to choose would be nice... 🙂
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