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  1. Here is a question for dev's: Will this mechanics be related to capital cities/provinces? For example, if we conquer capital city of some nation that has prisoners, will we be able to choose their fate?
  2. Yay! The prisoners will no longer occupy the space of the royal court! This is one of the features I was looking forward to.
  3. Dubrovnik (Ragusa) will be in KoH 2, you can see it being mentioned in gameplay preview.
  4. You can't reply to articles on home page, you need to switch from Home page to Forums and there you can leave replies to posts (Dev Diaries).
  5. When we discover an enemy spy, is the enemy kingdom immediately informed or do we get some choices before that happens? I would like option to try bribe him to swich side or become double agent before we lock him in the dungeon. Will it be possible to hire spies from other kingdoms or send spies to our allies to help them in counter-espionage? Will the distance between the kingdoms have an impact on espionage actions?
  6. You can use images (and other files) from Economy Expansion Mod, there is a bunch of new buildings. Maybe some of them can be of use to You.
  7. Your game is running in windowed mode, to run it in full screen go to: C:\Users\******\AppData\Roaming\Black Sea Studios\Knights Of Honor Open Koh.in2 file with notepad and change: fullscreen = 0 into fullscreen = 1 and save. (*****this is your pc name folder. If you can't find AppData there, paste or write the rest of above given address into the address bar)
  8. There is also posibility that they will keep the system from the first game. In the first game, units received XP in in battles. Their veterancy status was indicated with one, two or three golden stars on portrait. As far as I know those unit didn't differ from standard units. Perhaps now they will recive bonuses for those stars, something like +2 to attack and defense...
  9. Here are some of my suggestions. Add unit training time. This removes ability to instantaneously fill marshal with OP units and reinforce nearby battles. Units have more value because they are not easy to replace... If you wish quickly fill your army, then buy overpriced mercenaries or ineffective peasants as last resort. Units should have upkeep in gold. Just like food in original KoH. When marshall leave town there should be impact on royal treasury. Waging war should be expensive. If you lose all gold you lose ability to recruit new units and you lose war. You can't go t
  10. Menssie

    Random game

    How about Switzerland, late era.
  11. Will city improvements like libraries, universities or military academies give experience or skill point to knights/court members that are hired in cities with those improvements? Will some of city improvements be available to governors with specific skill to unlock it?
  12. I realy like where this is going and what You guys are making here. The samples are great and I can't wait to hear full orchestral versions. I'm totally with Yavor and his post about voice acting and Supporters' Edition for Koh 2 with Soundtrack, concept arts and so on. When we enter the tactical screen, will music change according to the type of battle or will use the same overworld music score?
  13. That's great, that is one of my favorite things about KoH. The modding was simple and easy and you could do a lot of things without coding, I hope it will keep that simplecity. I'm looking forward to Dev. Diaries.
  14. Name/Handle: Menssie Country: Croatia Games: I love to play RPGs and strategy games, especially historical games. Pets: We have one dog and two cats.
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