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I would love to participate in the alpha-beta as well i've played knights of honor since it was first released, only recently i found out KOH2 was being released and i was absolutely static! I have been a big fan/supporter since the first one, I know this one is gonna blow the socks off of all rts games! I love the fact that you guys are gonna be implementing a Co-op campagin mode in this one, me and my buddy already plan to purchase it as soon as it gets released. Thank you for everything you guys have done and more! Thank you!

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Would love to do that. I have some experience with Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 1&2, Hearts of Iron 4, the Battlefield games and World of Warships as either beta or alpha tester. Also 900hrs on CK2 and overall around 3000hrs on M2:TW, not to mention various other games in this setting or with this kind of gameplay. To my shame, never played KoH1 though...😱

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