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  1. The second music reminds of The Mummy
  2. I didn't played that game, how was Lords of the Realm diplomacy?
  3. More little fancy details is better! like the og rome total war
  4. Yes but only in special cases, don't make this another falsification of history with so much female protagonism where there was almost none.
  5. Sire, i present you the royal family
  6. This is something i really wanted to do in total war rome 2 but unfortunately it was only in the first one, as a kid i spent hours exploring the cities in that games watching the people walk and run 😞
  7. I hate that they went fantasy
  8. That would be cool, territorial disputes, so you just expand your borders (your nation's influence) throughout war or diplomacy.
  9. Will Europe be bigger than KOH1 tho?, I would like to see a bigger europe with more cities and provinces, it felt so easy and quickly to conquer England for example.
  10. Yes, of course, like m2tw
  11. This is something i been thinking about and it's the advance of time and technologies, for excample if you wait long enough, musket and powder is made, plate armor and pikes.
  12. We had those features in knights of honor, pope called crusaders and excommunicated nations, also your cleric could become the pope in koh, i remember.
  13. Man i have been waiting for a Knights of Honor 2 long time ago, i will definitely try to support the development!
  14. Suprising that with so many hours you didn't figured out how to change game speed
  15. I doubt it but variations of playstyles beetwen different Factions would be cool!
  16. Omg man this game was the shit when i was younger. There's just one thing i want, engagements beetwen units should last longer, in the original KOH they die so quickly, you know just to give it a more realistic feel, as battles were won by morale not by destroying the other army...
  17. The living world... The crusades, jihads, changing territories, it felt alive. I hope there are more events like those in the new game.
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