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  1. Count me in, still play KoH once in a while!
  2. @frujin I have 2 computers and 2 laptops ready to test with 😉 Just say the word, sire. Been waiting for this for over 10 years!
  3. Couple of questions and comments; 1. Would the maximum number of Knights be 8+1(King) or 7+1(King)? If I recall correctly, in KoH it was King (1)+8, so 9 slots total. 2. The Diplomat is a new profession. What is the job of the Diplomat? Increase opinion? Fabricate claim? Persuade alliances? 3. Now that other Knights can lead armies, what will be the benefits of this? Merchant: Lower wages for armies? Spies: Larger line of sight in fog of war? One issue that I found with KoH is that 9 is too few. I suggest you up that to 15, but significantly increase their wages the mo
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