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  1. I have been dying to play the game for me this might be the only game worth it this year ... as I am not a big Shooter or RPG fan. Still playing KoH 1 once and a while 😄
  2. City details, not sure if a lot of people will remember this but back in Rome total war (1) we were able to actually "zoom in" / "visit" the towns we controlled. It is one of those features I miss especially with the amount of detail games have these days. With this I wondering if this is something that is being considered for this game , and as follow up question how diverse are the towns (are they unique to the faction that controls them or to the original owner?) Also having such a big map I wonder how landscapes will impact the battlefield, will fighting near a river or on the hill
  3. One of the cities that a lot of people forget is Bruges it had a rather important role during the dark / Medieval ages and the region of Flanders was the scene of many battles. While they are considered Rebels I do hope that regions like this will stand out a bit more.
  4. Name/Handle? : Fred , people also tend to call me ... Fred 😅 Which Country are you from? Belgium, working in Romania What kinds of games do you like to play? Strategy games (total war, knight of Honor, ...) and MMORPG's (currently waiting for ashes of creation) Bonus Question: Do you have any pets? ex-goldfish 😥
  5. This year will be a big one with new games, consoles releasing. I assume the game will release latest in October while I believe their best release window is End of May/mid June. Hopefully we will hear from them soon on this as I am super excited to play this! DAY 1 Purchase
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