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  1. you have time to do so, game is still great to play )))
  2. • Name - Nika • Country - Georgia (not the state in US but the Actual Country in Europe) • What Kind of Games do i play - well i play games almost in every genre, e.g. KOH first of all, Risen( 1 ) , GTA, Killing Floor, warhammer 40k (excluding DOW3), Borderlands , TDU 2, Stardew Valley, FTL, Civilization 3, L4D2, Dungeon Keeper 2, WFTOW, Terraria, Mass Effect, The Witcher, Dead Space 1&2, Darksiders Genesis (was surprisingly great ) Saints row, RF Armageddon (really enjoyed the multiplayer ) basically great game may come in every genre, • Pet - well i had a dog, but atm none,
  3. that is why i inserted a link there, there has been queen katherine in russia, or cleopatra in egypt etc. why i said was i had case several times my leader had 3 daughters but no son, so after king has died one of my upgraded marshals got taken away to become the next king )) not the best feeling 🙂 btw will non royal family playable characters be still "immune" to aging or will they get old and die of old age as kings does ? :))
  4. i am more concerned about, will there be any option that if king has only daughters to make one of them as new leader of the nation, because in history of many nation there were woman leaders, in my countries history there was King Tamar, a woman, in fact she was so strong in all aspects that instead of title Queen she was known as a King, https://theculturetrip.com/europe/georgia/articles/a-brief-history-of-georgias-only-female-king/ P.S. in KOH you can choose which of the sons will get the throne depending on their pluses and minuses, but for real their skills did not change the game that much, will this feature still be available in KOH 2 and if so will it remain the same or will it be changed, you know like in some rpg games depending on your skills you have additional options in dialogue window, what i mean is like if king has 3 stars in war mastery the army will be more stronger or will have better morale during this particular king, or if king has 3 stars in diplomacy the peace treaty or any other diplomacy features will be easier to execute, but if king has let's say 0 stars in diplomacy he will never be able to make alliance pact with another kingdom etc.
  5. now imagine how we thousand of ppl will be smiling each time we launch KOH2,
  6. any time, anywhere, anyway just let me know all hands and legs in :))
  7. that one notice " the king has no heir" meaning that i will lose one of my marshals was so bad that almost my main concern was for king to always have the child, i hope that KOH 2 will have at least that much attention to the details in game, if not more,
  8. well for the first time and mostly i played with my country Georgia, but in all these years i have played with every single country available in all three available ages, mostly i liked Trebizond, Venice and Italy for their Feudal Knights, Archers and well armored swordsmen,
  9. i am from Georgia, initially that was the reason i started playing KOH, i was happy to find my small country in the game, in the game which i liked in first minutes, and in the game which was made with what i saw, such love and quality, considering the year it was made, that is just great, even now i play with great pleasure, Big thank you to the whole team for that game ^_^
  10. I think that gamers could provide information on their countries borders, leaders, names historical events, battles etc. during epoch. to have more realistic game play, when playing as my country i had leader named Nino ( female name) and was funny to see bearded king under that name, this is not tragedy and so on but pretty easy to correct it with available information, along with the trade improvement, would be great to improve other things like spy abilities, Clerics, maybe adding Popacy as playable country, otherwise i play KOH even now in 2020 too bad i can not make the game to support FHD/UHF resolution , and even if KOH II - Sovereign will be just remaster version of KOH i would definitely get it and enjoy the game every minute
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