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Shouldn't the game be called "Knights of Honour"...


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…rather than "Knights of Honor"? And shouldn't the whole English version be in BE, not AE, given that neither did American English exist in the Middle Ages nor did knights, honourous or not, EVER hop around in North America. 


I know this is "just" a detail, but since immersion in a game's world is all about details, and you guys are really showing much love for the smaller things, I wanted to raise this linguistic topic. 


Personally, I would definitely be reminded of the US production company every time I read a word in AE, rather than feel I am in the middle ages for a couple of hours. 

Ideally, thou could even go forth and add some Oulde English lingo, that would be even better. (I don't know how to write "Oulde English", but you get the idea… 😉 ) 

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I get that you are excited about the game (we all are, that's why we are here), but this is some very nitpicky thing you want to talk about.

Off the top of my hat I see several reasons why it was chosen to name the game like it is named and why it won't be changed:

  • Continuity - The first installment was named 'Knights of Honor' aswell.
  • Marketing - All marketing materials are already created with that name.
  • Minor Detail - At least 99.9% of the potential target audience will not care. I even think, they may win more customers/players by deliberatley chosing the american english naming convention, since it is spoken by more people on the world.
  • Language - Even "Ye Olde Englishe" isn't the english spoken in the middle ages, so "honor" is most probably also not a word written like this at that time.

I don't want to sound rude, but it's such a minor detail and if this really holds you off from enjoying the game, there will be hundreds of other details which will do so aswell.

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It‘s completely fine to be of other opinion. 

Thanks for your post, which according to you represents 99.9 % of the players‘ opinion. 

While that seems a bit overconfident, I will concede that my opinion is particular. If you want to call it „nitpicky“, great, that‘s an honour, since in my experience it’s nitpickery which leads to excellence rather than reliance on thinking about majority’s taste or sensitivity.


Back to the lingo:

I didn’t say that I‘d not enjoy the game, only that imo immersion would be enhanced by using British, rather than American English, ideally spiced by some words anyone would consider „olde“. 

Surely, you‘d agree that, regardless of the branding issues, ingame „middleagey“ language would be appreciated by a vast majority of players, regardless of the language? 

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