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A thank you to Brad Logston and THQ Nordic


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Hi there!

When I heard about that KOH 2 is in development I was ver excited. Never thought that would happen, because sadly KOH did never get the attention like a Medieval Total War.

And the publisher question is also a thing gamers are worried about, these days, and I have to admit I had no idea what to expect. Because some game publishers are pure business people and no gamers.

But watching the dev diaries/streams it became clear, that not only Brad is a gamer himself, but that he actualy played the first KOH!

Sothank you  @THQN Brad

And watching what games THQ Nordic publishes, all together it seems they have a "gutfeeling" for games. Best example is Spellforce 3. Fans of the first 2 Spell Force games waited for a sequel and the Demo looked very promising. Sadly it had a ruff start, so to speak, but the developers turned it arround. It went fron "Oh, it's a bug fest!" to "If you like a good fantasy RTS game, BUY IT!"

So also a thank you to whole THQ Nordic to believe in Strategy games and also give Frujin and his team the chance to develope Knights of Honor 2!

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Indeed! Thank You Brad Logston, and thank You THQ Nordic, for everything!

Also, congratulations THQ, for so many new games coming out this year! Hopefully KoH2:Sovereign will also be one of them, but if it isn't, no sweat! We will wait for as long as you need! 

Once again, a big Thank You to all of the staff of THQ Nordic, and especially to Brad, for all of the trust in our favorite game!


Stay safe and healthy, everyone!

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  • THQ Nordic

Really appreciate all the support! It's been fun getting to know everyone both here and during the streams. I've really been enjoying this community, and having the banter during the streams helps us connect with our fans and keep aligned with who we're truly making this game for: all of you!

Definitely a big gamer here, always have been and always will be, including a huge strategy games fan. Know it's a long journey to bring the best KoH game forward we can, and we're trying our very best to deliver. Making games is challenging to say the least, but hopefully you all see how much we care and are working to make this the best Knights of Honor we possibly can. 

See everyone on Thursday for the stream!

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tbh I was only there for one stream but I gotta say it was fun with everyone not just a single person also I find my self staring at the thqnordic logo quiet often since they announced Knights of Honor II by that I don't mean bc I wanted to support them or something I just noticed some really good and interesting games I have been watching or playing where published by them bc I got to know THQ Nordic for the first time and when you once start focusing on something yo will notice it where ever you go, same goes for knights of honor I's publisher p***** even if I am not from the us and the european publisher was s***** I have never noticed s****** involved in any other game I played but it might be because I never took notice of them.


best regards to everyone that I meet during the livestream it was nice and I hope to be there again.

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