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  1. Dear Dev's & Community, I noticed that Images posted by the community have their exif data overwriten (which I am really happy about great work) so I recommend a randomized name for images as well. I for example made an terrible mistake and I am not able to delete that post anymore which has private information within the files name. tell me what you think about this. best regards, volkayno
  2. I would be honoured to be an merchant if I am honest since I am Kurdish and we are merchants in our roots but I am to insecure to post a picture of my self publicly. got to say though amazing work didn't expect something like that to be possible.
  3. just for information u can also run it in compatibility mode. 1. take the shortcut right click it 2. klick on properties 3. select Compatibility tab 4. check the Compatibility mode checkbox (Run this program in compatibility mode for) 5. select a windows version I go with windows xp service pack 2 best regards
  4. tbh I was only there for one stream but I gotta say it was fun with everyone not just a single person also I find my self staring at the thqnordic logo quiet often since they announced Knights of Honor II by that I don't mean bc I wanted to support them or something I just noticed some really good and interesting games I have been watching or playing where published by them bc I got to know THQ Nordic for the first time and when you once start focusing on something yo will notice it where ever you go, same goes for knights of honor I's publisher p***** even if I am not from the us and the euro
  5. probably Croatia nice small territory to start an merchant empire. or Armenia bc of the city Kurdistan
  6. everything listed as example reflects my own experience and perspective on things, these can vary depending on all possible things and there is obviously exceptions but the examples mentioned might for many be fun and super easy while for me being tasking and stressful Name/Handle: volkayno World: not disclosed Games: everything that is easy to get into Pets: Skeleton Soldier examples easy to get into (I like playing Space Rangers 2 Knights of Honor Counter Strike Global Offensive Paladins Overwatch Mount and Blade Fallout
  7. oh well, my bad. if its this way around that works as well since in medieval times not everyone knew how the king looks, since information travelled by church priests messengers or the kings traveling within their own country, and drawings made for kings and royalty most of the time are in their own hall anyways or if we take Cleopatra as example or many more they are even fake looking extremely good or how they would want to look or last version they would be really really undetailed like here. I got to mention there is no social media or photography either
  8. Dear Forum Members, Moderators and Admins, I herby recommend the use of forum badges that function like achievements this would for one rise the activity and show what people have achieved examples: 1. peasant = Community reputation 10 ..... ........ ................ Knight = Community reputation 1000 2. Early Acess/beta/pre order bages 3. Moderators/..... 4. Hidden achievements that dont show how u got them or are available once only thanks for reading have a nice time within the co
  9. as I understand regarding your issue Nr 1. that only happens if the person you have as spy gets to be king afterwards
  10. I always loved that even as a really small kid that doesn't speak English I was able to learn how to play KoH I and that it was really fun I tried a ton of other strategy games but most of them are way to strategic/complex I mean I don't want to learn a game for 200 hours just to play it another 200 I always missed how easy of an good experience it was playing KoH I the most complex thing for me as a kid was to understand the importance of thinking ahead what to use the building slots in a city for, and even that wasn't too big of a hassle since I decided first build everything you can build w
  11. Since KoH I was in a gaming magazine in my childhood I played it for an unfathomable amount of time then I grew up and obviously lost the cd and bought it over steam twice already (I am a champ in loosing stuff) so I checked quiet frequently for KoH II and first heard of it pretty early (I believe over twitter) and there was barely anything shown I am glad the game is progressing and to see the community somewhat active
  12. I must agree I like minimalistic Discord servers
  13. Currently we stay strong but we might not in the future so we need a leader! we follow this hierarchy Apostle The Pope Archbishops Bishops Deacon Priest Lectors Acolytes Doorkeepers Citizen studying at the Church
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