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  1. Is there going to be a units dev diary? In KoH1 you have the Teutonic Order who had powerful units available to them whilst Lithuania had basic swordsman. Is there going to be some kind of unit progression for each faction.
  2. If they include gun powder i hope its just the very early cannon and hand cannon units.
  3. For me the main changes needed are: - Harder difficulty, as in you might lose if you take on too many nations at once. - more uniqueness in the units, i feel in the current game too many nations are basically the simular on the units front. in the current the Templars and TKs are easily the best units in the game and other religions just dont have anything equivalent that make them as interesting . I suppose im getting at giving each nation a bit of flavour. completely understand that all the Bulgarian states might have the same unique units and Russian states but for example gi
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