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  1. Simples


    Is there going to be a units dev diary? In KoH1 you have the Teutonic Order who had powerful units available to them whilst Lithuania had basic swordsman. Is there going to be some kind of unit progression for each faction.
  2. If they include gun powder i hope its just the very early cannon and hand cannon units.
  3. For me the main changes needed are: - Harder difficulty, as in you might lose if you take on too many nations at once. - more uniqueness in the units, i feel in the current game too many nations are basically the simular on the units front. in the current the Templars and TKs are easily the best units in the game and other religions just dont have anything equivalent that make them as interesting . I suppose im getting at giving each nation a bit of flavour. completely understand that all the Bulgarian states might have the same unique units and Russian states but for example giving France a unique heavy cav unit to separate them abit. The introduction of some poleaxe infantry in western nations (maybe in the later ages to show how warfare changed. shields did start to lose fashion after a while). Also getting the AI to try and build its best units. (fighting Sweden and they don't train vikings, (easy win for making it harder) - with crusades it would be cool if you could make a fledgling kingdom ruled by your Marshal but still human controlled, with the ability to confederate as long as you kept the fledgling kingdom appropriately weaker than your original nation if you don't a failed attempt at confederating results in war and loss in kingdom power., I get this could be complicated just thought it would be a cool way to make crusades more interesting then just losing a Marshal if you wanted a crusader state. - prevent the game from always choosing your cleric as the new pope so its not constantly taking the something like a 3-4 pope rotation before it could be yours again. - Paying money to restore plundered settlements in a province at an improved rate, Random game start, with religions spread randomly and every state having only 1-3 provinces at the start. - I really like both of these ideas that were suggested earlier especially the random start. (just picturing being England fighting the byzantine empire in eastern Russia with the Berbers pushing into my lands from the north. its cool and keeps the game fresh if you don't wan to play multiplayer) - i like the current resource mechanic but it would be nice if you could build all the buildings anywhere in your kingdom you just had to obtain the resources to do so. i.e if i could build a Cathedral as the Teutonic order i choose where it goes so its not so it is in the back end of no where but the capital or place of power like they would of been and just limit the amount of cathedrals universities you can build per the size of you kingdom and how many the the required resources are needed. - Give the crusader states access to their crusader units What i liked about the original: - everything - pace of the game was good (kings aged a bit to quick for me but it was basically bang on) - marshal skill trees (just need more depth now) - diplomacy system. - Kingdom power system - starting each game not knowing who you are at war with and who you will be in good relations with. I've wrote more then i thought i would and you have probably thought of much better improvements but i would say the biggest points for me are the unique units for each nations, difficulty and the random start (because that sounds awesome for replay ability). Hope this helps i'm buying the game no matter what. Teach total war how to do it please. thanks
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