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    The expansion of the map might be a point for later expansions of the game - it will surely be nice to have medieval China or perhaps the Aztecs, but that will require more effort from the dev team, which at the current time may not be the best option
  2. Some pretty amazing points were touched in this thread - I hope the dev team will take them into consideration 🀞 One point that came to my mind: are the festivities going to be celebrated, for instance Christmas, Ramadan or sacrifices to the Sun God for pegans (for example)?
  3. Are we going to see recreation of "battles that changed history"? Perhaps multi-step campaigns that provide historical background - by that way, the game will provide educational perspective as well
  4. Does anyone know how big is going to be map? In the first KoH, Europe and northern Africa were the focus but personally I would love to see a wider scaled map πŸ™‚
  5. Very good point! To be honest, I did not think about this till I saw the thread. KoH has always been a game where diversity plays a central role. Might be a good idea to check for other similar situations - I am sure the dev team will take notice, plus we (the fans) can assist in this as well
  6. Finally the topic I was most interested in πŸ˜‰ Everything seems very promising, but I still don’t see a major point here - the Capital. The capital is the center of your empire, the cradle of culture and civilization. As such, it has be allowed to have an additional slot for building or special slot of building. Something special, something unique (like i.e. the Coliseum in Rome, Hague Sophia in Constantinople, etc)... A building that will give you advantage when the empire is getting larger and larger. Speaking about getting a larger empire - how is this going to be reflected i
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