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Found 3 results

  1. Dear Dev's & Community, I noticed that Images posted by the community have their exif data overwriten (which I am really happy about great work) so I recommend a randomized name for images as well. I for example made an terrible mistake and I am not able to delete that post anymore which has private information within the files name. tell me what you think about this. best regards, volkayno
  2. Dear Forum Members, Moderators and Admins, I herby recommend the use of forum badges that function like achievements this would for one rise the activity and show what people have achieved examples: 1. peasant = Community reputation 10 ..... ........ ................ Knight = Community reputation 1000 2. Early Acess/beta/pre order bages 3. Moderators/..... 4. Hidden achievements that dont show how u got them or are available once only thanks for reading have a nice time within the community.
  3. Congratulations on your new project, Black Sea Games! The news of Knights of Honor 2 are the best ones this year! I have so many stories in KoH, however most of them are hilariously noobish tales, of how I learned the ropes of the game. Can't wait to experience first hand what you have created in the sequel! I love all the art, that I have seen so far, and about the gameplay - I would trust Frujin to put the fun in any game. P.S. I am a long time fan of your work, guys, dating back from Tzar, 20 years ago! You have never disappointed me! Good luck! (and keep up the news!) Kind Regards!
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