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  1. I don't know if this is by the design, but the ratio of princes to princesses seems unbalanced. Any thoughts?
  2. Thoughts about caliphates. After 100%ing the game with a Catholic kingdom, I wanted to do the same but from a Muslim kingdom perspective. From the religious warfare point of view, I have to say that I enjoyed the jihad mechanic more than I enjoyed the crusade mechanic. In theory, the Jihad is way more powerful. From the aggressor perspective, whenever I saw the military mobilization caused by a jihad, my only thought was I never want to get one of these called on me. More importantly, when a jihad is call on a kingdom, you know they mean business. In one occasion, it was pretty exciting to see multiple Muslim kingdoms sending all their armies across the Mediterranean and Black Sea simultaneously. There were so many armies in the target kingdom that the AI didn't even know what to plunder given all the settlements were already occupied. Jihad comparisons with a crusade: My first gripe with the crusade is that I have to give up a fully functional army that I might be pressed to keep around for the moment. You know, "kinda" useful to have an army handy for when the bully with 30 provinces next door comes on knocking. Because of this, most of the time I kept declining requests for my marshal to lead a crusade, obviously that came with a penalty in the form of the deterioration of the Clergy's opinions which for me went down and below the -5 points due to the constant flood of requests to lead crusades I was rejecting. Finally, I was determined to end the bullying, so I destroyed the Papal States. And this is the main difference, compared to the crusade, there's no penalty in joining a Jihad. First of all, most of the Muslim kingdoms are far from the Catholic kingdoms, hence most of the time you can accept the request to join the Jihad from the Caliphate without fearing any consequence. More importantly, your relationship with the kingdom that call for the jihad will increase, and your scholars (Clergy) opinions will increase as well. Also, because your allies AIs rarely first attacks the province fortification, instead start plundering settlements, sieging castles and dealing with enemy armies, if you have a decent couple of armies you can easily grab some provinces in the process. BUT, this is nothing compared to the collateral effect of a jihad which is that kingdoms' relationships improve. Of course, this game is very random, but in the instance I was playing the block of all Muslim Kingdoms in part of Asia, part of the Middle East and part of North Africa had all their relationships always in the positive range. And I suspect this is a side effect of the jihad mechanics. To summarize, given the geographical location of Muslim kingdoms, when it comes to joining a jihad is all pros, no cons. You will rarely have a reason not to join a jihad as far as I can tell. While in the opposite side, you may have many reasons not to join a crusade, and get penalized for not doing so. You may want to keep your marshal, your cleric might be important to you. Crusades, as opposed to a jihad don't feel like a team effort. All the opposite, crusades feels more like shenanigans and bullying from the Papal States with their constant requests for top money, and their constant demands for your most useful units. I also have to mention that a jihad wasn't so OP in KoH legacy. As a refresher, in KoH v1 a jihad was more like a panic button to defend a province momentarily. If there were several enemy marshals destroying your province, and you didn't have enough man power available to defend, you would call for a jihad, and these small armies (much alike rebels) started to pop up from your settlements and attacked the invaders, you had no control over these armies, and eventually they banished. They were really strong though, so the jihad was a good defensive tool. If you ask me, given how OP the KoH v2 jihad can be at unifying multiple kingdoms, I'd prefer to go back to the KoH v1 jihad. NOW, I really enjoyed the KoH v2 jihad mechanic, so I'd rather prefer for the team to work on improving the issues I mentioned about crusades above, to bring them up to pair to the KoH v2 jihad. Perhaps, make the crusades more similar to the jihad, in the sense that multiple Catholic kingdoms could participate in the crusade. But that's almost an idea for KoH v3. Now, the following is something more "not wishful thinking" that I'd like to be reviewed for KoH v2. Early in the game, Seljuks right bottom corner, Abbasids (purple/selected) and Fatimids center bottom claimed the caliphate. Then I (Hajrah) started to grow meteorically to mostly fill the right side of the map, and that's when I thought I should be in the big boys club. Unfortunately, it's almost impossible for me to claim the caliphate given that each existent caliphate reduces your chances by 20%. With 3 existing caliphates, that's -60%. Given all the resources I have I could struggle with the RNG in hopes to get it eventually, or I could destroy Abbasids completely, but what it doesn't make any sense to me is that Abbasids (purple) is a caliphate but I can't be one. How does that make any sense? Not trying to be rude, but IMHO the formula has to be more complex than that. Yes, consider the count of existent caliphates, but also consider their size and kingdom rankings. For example, instead of using a flat -20% value per existent caliphate, the -20% per kingdom should only be the maximum (minimum) value. If the existent caliphate has the same fame as me as per the kingdom rankings, then that should be a -20% chance, and that penalty should start going down linearly with my excess of fame over the current caliphate. If my kingdom has double the fame than the existing caliphate, then that number should be a -0% penalty. I'm not saying this is the best way, but it's a way to do it. And ah, perhaps limit the number of total caliphates to 3, in that case one of the caliphates will lose its status once a new caliphate ascend. By the way, this map above is the same instance where all of the Muslim kingdoms relationships were green, now not so much, as after my kingdom grew, I've been pouring resources into breaking them apart.
  3. When the "Emperor of the World" election starts, the 2 main great powers are selected as the candidates. Vassals should never be selected as candidate for this election. 1) It's just counter intuitive that you can be the emperor of the world and a servant at the same time. 2) This would add more dynamism to the game as the vassal will feel the pressure to claim its independence as soon as possible.
  4. I started with a Book capacity of 1000. Eventually, it went to 2000 capacity, and I don't understand how. I also didn't find any detail about books capacity in the Royal Library: Kingdom's Books section. My question is how to increase book capacity? And also to request for this info to be added to the Royal Library: Kingdom's Books section.
  5. I will preface this review that I have never played the first in the series. So some things I don't like might be an iconic feature of the series. This means I am perfectly willing to say "Ok I might not like this feature but it is an pillar of the series which means it should be there" Graphics They are great, vibrant colors, good textures, and lots of life on the map. I am content to happy with how the game looks both on the mega map and battles. Its fairly easy to tell what is what and who is who. The game does spam you with notifications but the handy pause feature is more than enough to deal with them. Its no worse than stellaris that also spams the crap out of you at times. The user interface is good, and once I found out the nested way you can follow the tool tips that made answering "why cant I do this?" fairly easy, the built in database NEEDS a search function though. Economy Generally speaking I think this is in good shape, its easy to find where resources are on the map tool. however it would be nice to know if a nation is actively producing that good or not. I am currently stuck on lodestone, Austria has access to the node but i guess isn't making it? it would be nice to be able to look at the 'markets' and see where its being sold and actively send a merchant to go get it. trading with other nations is perfectly fine, simplistic yes, but I think its fine and not overly burdensome on what is really a war game. Combat its pretty straight forward in both mega map and battles. There are fiddly and annoying gamey bits to it though and there is room for improvement. Its not bad but its not great, auto resolve basically lives and dies on number of troops. My marshals command ability doesn't seem to have that much of an impact and more elite/higher quality forces also don't seem to impact battles at all. its all about numbers if I have more i am likely to win. In live battles the AI does really act strange, it commonly splits up its army into small groups of 2 or 3 units and ALWAYS is flanking and not in any threatening manner its easily countered. They also commonly race in their leader, flank around and get behind my army. He is now isolated and I sent one melee unit after him and all my archers and he is dead in no time. The enemy army should stay together as one full army and hit my army, their general should STAY AWAY from the fight not dive in alone. so these are all things I would call fiddly, need help with patches. Mega map is where the game gets annoying and gamey to say the least. first lets talk about war, and the military. being the game restricts you to a TINY number of leaders and some you simply must have it feels like artificial difficulty which I hate. If I have the food, money, and recruits to support another army, there is no reason I shouldn't be able to field another army. however the reason is my tiny bank of a leader limit is artificially stopping me. -In my opinion-, Clerics, Diplomats, Merchants, Spy's should all be on a separate bar and or have no baring on the size of my army. it gets extremely difficult to deal with the AI nations once you reach a certain size. whole alliances are forming against you which puts you at an automatic disadvantage because they by default can field more armies than you can. 4 nations vs you, they could be fielding 8 or more armies easily. If you are playing the full game you need -atleast- one of every kind of leader that alone restricts you to at best 4 or 5 armies depending on your king. Being wars are simply a number of troops game you cant stand against that. even though as a larger nation you should be able to field more armies that's just logical you have access to more of everything so you should have more of everything. It is balanced that way, because those smaller nations that band together against you they can field 8 armies you also can field 8 but that's because you are a large nation. that's 8v8 armies which is balanced. Culture and Religion I like that there are so many cultures around, its great variety, and really well done. I like spreading my culture around. I also notice that there is really more than just 4[ish] religions, like playing as the byzantine empire I have my Orthodox symbol there is a different looking Orthodox symbol for the rus and other nations this implies to me there may be some plans in the future to really flesh this out in a future DLC? It would be nice if the Orthodoxy had some sort of crusade like mechanic, however that's not historically real so ah well. On the mega map the one thing I don't like about how it works is the random nature of spreading Culture and Religion outside your borders. Also the hidden information on how much, where, and how effective your push is, is really frustrating. I want to see exactly why I am pushing here or why I am not. then I want agents like the cleric to be able to specifically target those regions for defense or offensive culture/religion wars. I want to be able to clearly see all the different cultures pushing in on my lands, what % they are, how hard they are pushing and so on. I also want more clear and proactive ways to effect this mechanic. Keeping with byzantine empire, I want my culture to spread out from my front lines ideally, not randomly pop up on the north Africa coast where I have no intention of doing anything about it being I am still in Asia minor fighting the Ottomans. The PAINFULLY slow agent mission to flip recently captured zones is way WAY to expensive and time consuming. that needs to be re-balanced in some way or leave it as is and give me tools to as I mentioned before to proactively aim my culture/religion. Leaders I like all the things they can do, the spy is particularity robust in what it can do, closely followed by the cleric and merchant. Marshal is sadly one dimensional however. I like all the stat-building and leveling them up through the semi-random skill set is also nice. Kinda slow because books are used in so many ways but its alright. The totally random mission generation is bothersome however. There is no reason I shouldn't be able to tell my spy from the get go, "Hey I want these two nations to go to war" and find out how possible that might be instead of waiting for it to not only randomly pop up but also randomly pick the correct two nations. Or even "I want this really powerful Marshal dead" and the spy starts working on it. The randomness of the missions is really a put off because some times an agent just sits there because the right mission hasn't been drawn yet. The Marshals need some more things they can do instead of just being to figure mounted to the front of an army. It would be nice if they could 'train' their troops to give them some exp/veteranacy [it would also be nice if that vet status had a bigger impact on battles]. They could also do 'patrols' in a rebellious zone to turn some of those pops from rebels to usable or at least get rid of them. Simply said the Marshals need some of those neat missions that other agents enjoy. [which also folds back into the annoyance that I should be able to field as many armies as my nation could support. larger nations should be able to field larger/more armies] So I would put this game at a 5 or 6 out of 10. Its a good game, well made, I haven't crashed once, or run into any obvious bugs. Its obviously fun, and I think is in a good place to expand through DLCs and Expansions to be a really wonderful game. The rough edges can be mitigated through small design shifts and mechanic tweaks. Removing the agent/leader limit would be a good first step. Allowing those agents/leaders to be more easily directed to specific goals is also needed. More active ability to influence Culture and Religion spread is also a must. Thank You Dev Team :)
  6. hola no puedo iniciar sscion en Knights of Honor 2 alguien que me pueda ayuda
  7. Exactly what the title says. With so much content, a Search feature is almost mandatory.
  8. Dear Dev's & Community, I noticed that Images posted by the community have their exif data overwriten (which I am really happy about great work) so I recommend a randomized name for images as well. I for example made an terrible mistake and I am not able to delete that post anymore which has private information within the files name. tell me what you think about this. best regards, volkayno
  9. Dear Forum Members, Moderators and Admins, I herby recommend the use of forum badges that function like achievements this would for one rise the activity and show what people have achieved examples: 1. peasant = Community reputation 10 ..... ........ ................ Knight = Community reputation 1000 2. Early Acess/beta/pre order bages 3. Moderators/..... 4. Hidden achievements that dont show how u got them or are available once only thanks for reading have a nice time within the community.
  10. Congratulations on your new project, Black Sea Games! The news of Knights of Honor 2 are the best ones this year! I have so many stories in KoH, however most of them are hilariously noobish tales, of how I learned the ropes of the game. Can't wait to experience first hand what you have created in the sequel! I love all the art, that I have seen so far, and about the gameplay - I would trust Frujin to put the fun in any game. P.S. I am a long time fan of your work, guys, dating back from Tzar, 20 years ago! You have never disappointed me! Good luck! (and keep up the news!) Kind Regards!
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