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Found 4 results

  1. good afternoon, when trying to lead a battle the screen gets caught and does not respond, only a message appears drawing the map, what can I do, thank you very much
  2. More than just a few times, I am fighting against a country that has been reduced to one or two provinces and I will get a message saying that said almost-defeated country is on its way to becoming a "Great Power". The computer has a strange definition of what a Great Power is if this kind of country can qualify.
  3. I am unable to build swordsmiths or spearmen atter i build a swordsmith or spear maker. There seems to be this issue with many things. I am not able to build crop farming either. I’ve noticed that when I hover over these things the mouse icon appears. The knights hand cursor appears over things that the game lets me build.
  4. Had an issue where when the king dies the Prince does not become the king however it selects one of the knights instead I was hosting a game and this happened to my friend who I was playing with. Restarted an older save, same thing happened. Remade a new game the same thing occurred. Restarted the game with him hosting an older save file and 1 of our knights where missing but were able to move them around in game. The game was in a Free for All format. We have not tried him hosting as yet we will try again tomorrow. This has not been an issue in single player through the games I have played only in multiplayer. Version Build 30794 2022.11.29 Won't allow me to upload save game / Dxlog unsure why not tech savvy with these forums. Cheers.
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