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Good thing to add will be: Realistic trades between kings,biger europe,multiple maps,more troops, nps kings to have inteligentcy and memory and to be close historically

That what I want and probably half koh players to be in koh II so Good day of me, had good work                otherwise koh II is my dream

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I think that gamers could provide information on their countries borders, leaders, names historical events, battles etc. during epoch. to have more realistic game play,  when playing as my country i had leader named Nino ( female name) and was funny to see bearded king under that name, this is not tragedy and so on but pretty easy to correct it with available information, 
along with the trade improvement, would be great to improve other things like spy abilities, Clerics,   maybe adding Popacy as playable country,   otherwise i play  KOH even now in 2020 too bad i can not make the game to support FHD/UHF resolution ,   and even if KOH II - Sovereign will be just remaster version of KOH i would definitely get it and enjoy the game every minute  

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i am from Georgia, initially that was the reason i started playing KOH, i was happy to find my small country in the game, in the game which i liked in first minutes, and in the game which was made with what i saw, such love and quality, considering the year it was made, that is just great, even now i play with great pleasure, Big thank you to the whole team for that game ^_^ 

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Not a suggestion, but I wanted to give Credits say that the Dev Diaries are a good way to reach out to the community or possible new fans. I am glad that more and more companies in the video game industry open more up in the way how they communicate with their communities (I would guess that started with Games financed by Kickstarter)

So keep it up, please! +thumbsup+

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Another suggestion I would like to make: Ina Dev Diary it was said that building will not change if you change a cities/regions culture.

I would suggest that at least SOME building would change. Let's say that you play as an oriental "Kingdom" and you change the culture of a oxidental town. And maybe you want to build a mosque there. So that building shpuld be displayed accordingly. So some "flawor" of that change that makes sense. I don't expect that the whole town will change it's look because of a cultural change.

IDk if this makes sense to you?

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