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Something needs to be done about princesses


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Is there anything that can be done about princesses?  In KoH, they are nothing but a liability.  Sure, they may get you a little loyalty from the marriage, but when your king dies, you have a chance to either lose some of your land or cause major problems if you don't give away your land.

I know historically princesses were used exactly as they are used in KoH.  But I never, ever marry my princesses off.  Just too much headache.

Can we do something about princesses so they are more useful?

In Medieval II: Total War, they can be used to ensure loyalty of a general or used as diplomats (not useful in KoH since you don't need those).

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I agree, they can have more of a role. But in any case, I want to keep the same mechanic of marriage and land negotiations, which as you said, is historically accurate. Even though it is indeed a headache to give a cut (or deny) to the in-laws, the historical accuracy is too much important for me. Besides, when you marry your princes and princesses, there is a significant boost in happiness all over the kingdom, which was a reason enough for me to do it, whenever I can. But I agree that this mechanic should be further developed, by giving the princesses a more significant role (perhaps similar to a knight).

I am also familiar to the M2:TW mechanic of princess-diplomat, and yes, something similar can be put here. I'm sure that Black Sea Games have something in mind on this topic, but this may be implemented in a future update, or perhaps in the official lauch, after the beta.

P.S. If anyone has any news, from anywhere, about the beta (namely will it be open or closed, etc. ) please share it with us! The Bannerlord beta still brings a bad taste in my mouth (as I was never selected for the closed beta 🙂 )

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Perhaps adding a kingdom.. tradition? or sth like that that will enable princesses to become a queen if there's no male heir ie. pragmatic sanction. This should ofc be a rather rare and not always possible thing like woman being in charge of islamic caliphate sounds literally impossible.

Also I'm not sure if a Queen can be fit to lead an army or even be at royal court and do what court members do tho.

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3 hours ago, Yavor said:

But I agree that this mechanic should be further developed, by giving the princesses a more significant role (perhaps similar to a knight).

Princesses could make good spies.  Or they can be married to one of your Marshals, the result being their group doesn't cost any gold or they get an extra buff.

I'm sure we can think of more things to be done with them, but something needs to be done with them.  As of now, all my princesses have to look forward to is being an old maid and joining a convent!  (M2:TW reference)

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I think the Queen thing that @Field Marshal suggested is not that bad. 

But in other point, the game loses the fun part of your spy to become another kingdom's King and take the kingdom for you instantly.

Princesses have to marry other kingdoms' royals and, if they become their queen they can play diplomatic role in the relationships between your kingdom and their's.

But, as i noticed, the diplomatic part in KoH 1 was VERY weak. I didn't bother make alliances or pacts of non-aggression... That is because the enemys were way to easy to fight and i didn't need something like that, even if i begin with an one-province kingdom.

If your plans is to fix the difficulty and make the game more challenging, the princess' part can make a difference!

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