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  1. @DoVlaLegend You don't really need a time counter in days/months/years (or sth in it) and I'm sure game has time in it (how would anything move then without it? 😆) The way truce timeouts could work is simply time in minutes/seconds going down to 0 and maybe represented with classic sandclock (⌛) next to it, now this time would be a time in minutes/seconds of playing the game at speed 1 (and scales accordingly to changed game speed ofc).
  2. Diplomatically vassalise nation (not through war) Possibility to annex a vassal nation Possibility to control vassals marshals and see their provinces like they're yours Personal unions where you control 2 or more kingdoms a once if you're union leader, basically your king controls more than one nation at the same time Integrate/inherit personal union member Factions that unlike alliances can consist of more than 2 kingdoms and all kingdoms in a certain faction are all allied to each other. Attacking one member of a faction might result in a war with the entire faction Order mercenaries - if a nation can build certain special unit type, you can offer them gold and if they accept the'll send a mercenary camp with those units near one of your cities and mercs there are free for you to take for you as you bought them. An example of this could be buying some mercenary vikings from Norway so they come fight for you in your armies
  3. Game tech goes till ~1350, pretty much nobody in europe at that time had any gunpowder weapons and I presonally wouldn't even like to see them bacause I want medieval game with "knights and archers" instead of "cannons and guns"
  4. You might have been waiting 15 years for the game but game wasn't in development for 15 years, but only 1-3. And not willing to be patient and wait is definitely not a good reason to release the game asap. You see, it takes time and effort to make a game because games (like KoH especially) are way harder to develop than common programs (at least in like 80% of cases) and complexity of them is sometimes quite astonishing. It's not just "we make some 3D animations and objects, record sounds, add some code in, combine it and BAM, the perfect game is out", NO! The math behind games (like KoH too likely) is on par with higher college one (can be quite advanced in some cases), the good knowledge of coding and algorithms is not something you can learn in a month or so but usually in a few years and with even with that you need a lot of time to get that part of the job done. Now that's even the beginning for that part because coding the solution for problem is one thing, debugging (i.e.. Fixing) for all cases and optimizing (huh) it are also another big requirements that'll take even more time and skill to be done right. So this is only the programming part which I think I know a bit about from 6 years of playing around with Unity (the game engine devs use to make a game) and that's just one part of the job for one person, to do a full AAA game you need a skilled and likely large team but even they will probably need hella time to do it so that it works well. And before I hear things (which I hope I won't) like "Field Marshal bad" tell what do you even know about making games? Like have you even tried to code something simple or get to understand an algorithm for it, e.g. here you go, an algorithm not so hard yet it's one of the basics (more or less) the games usually rely on for finding a path between point A to point B, the thing that sounds rather simple but it's based on a strong math and some decent algorithm knowledge in the background. So as I already highlighted it 4 times now, time is one of the most important things (+money and skill I'd say) when developing a game if it wants to be done right and if it gets cut... Well.. Game could end up like an unfinished/buggy mess as Fallout 76 did (lol). Not only that, but bad game at release (even if it becomes available to everyone in alpha) = many bad reviews = many people less likely to buy the game = bad sales = no money/profit = no more development = bad game, so NO, it's never good to rush a game because you don't want to wait for it some more time, you'll likely get disappointed by it and then what? Blame the devs for not doing good work? Well sorry bro it just happens that time was too short and that's what you wanted so you got it. Also I'm not mad at anyone or anything here, but I get mildly annoyed about people making wishes like kids about things they usually know nothing about. And sorry for the wall of text, sometimes summing things up to explain them well goes bad for me 🤪. tl;dr: game development is a complex thing and devs need a lot of time to do it well, so wanting the game to come out quick like tomorrow is not really good idea.
  5. Will rebel armies still be composed of mostly peasants like in KoH I or will they be a bit more diverse (stronger) when it comes to units they have? Low developed provinces could spawn weak ie. mostly peasant armies while well developed ones could be a challenge to deal with.
  6. Is converting cultures the only way of making province population loyal or is it possible to "simply" accept culture as part of nation next to primary one? That way conversions wouldn't always be required. And let's say I conquer a province, get rid of the resistance with the brute force way and decide not to change its culture, will resistance rise again in the future or will folks there submit to my somewhat tyrannical rule over them?
  7. Some sort of user friendly map editor would be nice too. KoH I had unfinished one, yet it could do some basic stuff.
  8. Kingdom units are the most important for me: 1. Teutonic Order - Teutonic knights (along with the Templars) - the best infantry + Feudal knights (best cavalry in the game) and regular crossbowmen (sadly no Heavy Crossbowmen) 2. Byzantium - Roman infantry, Varangians (best axe unit) + Cataphracts (similar to feudal knights), Pronians (avg. but fast cavalry), sadly they seem lack special/good ranged units 3. Ottomans - Jannisaries are cool (both ranged & melee units), they also get some weak Aknydy(?) spearmen and heavy Ghulam cavalry + Spahis (avg. cavalry), all quite good but not the best. 4. Golden Horde - Mongolian and Steppe Cavalry - fast n deadly, however expensive in start and hard to maintain
  9. Name: Field Marshal Country: Croatia Games I like to play: from RTS: Knights of Honor, Europa Universalis IV, Hearts of Iron IV, Stronghold series (I, Crusader and Legends being my favs), Blitzkrieg II, Spore; from RPG: Gothic I, II and III, Risen I and III, The Witcher 3; from Platformers: Jak I, II and III, Daxter, Spyro games, Crash Bandicoot, Rayman (1, 2, 3, Origins and Legends) Pets: One lazy german shepherd
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