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  1. Is it possible to convert to paganism from other religions? - Such thing was iirc impossible in KoH1. Also, can new religions be added (or existing ones expanded/modified) through modding?
  2. I think some blur is done by images having too much JPG in them.
  3. After reading your idea for autoresolve for the first time I found it interesting, but after some thinking I came to a conclusion that it's actually uneccessary and not even better than current autoresolve. It doesn't even look to me as an autoresolve feature, but more like semi-autoresolve because it (sometimes or often) requires player interaction. Now I'm not gonna say I know how current (KoH:I like) autoresolve works but I'll assume that there is some decent amount RNG in it. Now what your idea is is that you let player decide some of those RNG values with those Attack/Defend/Retreat com
  4. It could be done in less than 10 in game minutes
  5. Does number 2600 in the first image above marshal represent number of troops in the army or sth else?
  6. At which place do diplomats exactly go when traveling? Do they just go to one of the target nation's provinces and set up a camp there? Do they enter towns and stay there? Also, let's say that someone sends a diplomat to another kingdom and he stays there a while, but then that kingdom declares war to that player. Will the diplomat be "trapped" (sth. like imprisoned or killed straight away) or is there some kind of diplomatic immunity so that this doesn't happen?
  7. It happened to me once that first born prince that was a marshal rebelled when king died. Also, a first born prince that's a spy can kill his brother (current king) to get the throne (had that too).
  8. Does the cost of getting a tradition (or knights skill and similar) scale up with "kingdoms development" or is it a fixed price in gold/books? Also, @Ivory Knight the king in the image with town of Cagliari looks kinda like you.
  9. Why? It sounds too centralized and restrictive to me. I'm not sure about that either, I think if you have enough money/resources then you should be able to hire marshals anytime you want without any waiting. I agree with that as in KoH I you could do that and reinforce a city with a king/prince for free in no time, altough it might hurt OPMs (one province minors).
  10. I'd say Mac & Linux seem to be very likely options with Windows. For consoles or phones not really, phones still just seem to have rather weak hardware while console controllers are not really fit for RTS games like KoH + mods on consoles just sounds weird and nearly impossible thing to do.
  11. Perhaps adding a kingdom.. tradition? or sth like that that will enable princesses to become a queen if there's no male heir ie. pragmatic sanction. This should ofc be a rather rare and not always possible thing like woman being in charge of islamic caliphate sounds literally impossible. Also I'm not sure if a Queen can be fit to lead an army or even be at royal court and do what court members do tho.
  12. Can knights/court members still earn their skill points through success of their actions so paying for them would not be required all the time?
  13. And why not do it in the base game? If functionality becomes part of DLCs then the base game becomes less and less complete, paradox does that and gets a lot of hate for it. Healthy DLC policy would be only having cosmetics/music in DLC and keeping game equally functional for everyone who owns it. And besides, why are we talking about DLCs when game is still rather far from release?
  14. More like maybe some alpha test invite for christmas
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