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  1. Name/Handle: Pan Country: Greece / former Byzantine Empire Games I like to play: Favourite games (besides KoH ofc): Move or Die, Don't Starve Together, MOBA games Pets: None (yet)
  2. I would like to see a format that if your cleric becomes the Pope, you can sidecontroll the Papacy and its' units. Still remember the time that my spy, who hired as cleric, became the Pope!! 😛
  3. Hey... don't forget the Greek language!! 😛 i am willing to help you with the translation!!
  4. The tricky part of the global multiplayer is the duration of the game itself and the main purpose of the game (the goal is to be the global ruler or after a specific amount of time you vote for the best ruler). That's because in KoH 1 i needed about a week of full play to conquer all the kingdoms and that happened with the minimum complexity of diplomatics or so. A great idea would be to have a starter pool of players that begin to play and then, if you want to leave, there would be another pool of "spectator" or waiting players that will be your successors. As for the first mode (th
  5. I think the Queen thing that @Field Marshal suggested is not that bad. But in other point, the game loses the fun part of your spy to become another kingdom's King and take the kingdom for you instantly. Princesses have to marry other kingdoms' royals and, if they become their queen they can play diplomatic role in the relationships between your kingdom and their's. But, as i noticed, the diplomatic part in KoH 1 was VERY weak. I didn't bother make alliances or pacts of non-aggression... That is because the enemys were way to easy to fight and i didn't need something like that,
  6. KoH was weak on alliance common moves, such as co-op on attacking a kingdom, or even worse, get reinforcements from an ally, when you got attacked. I hope in that improvement, but not with much extension of micromanagement. I hope to see world wars 😛
  7. You can't compare a turned based game with an RTS... You don't play it with the same perspective and that is affecting your decisions throughout it.
  8. If non-army lords carry the same amount of military units, why hire marshals in the first place? I'd rather sacrifice some boosts that marshal may give to my army to have a multi-purpose lord at my disposal, if the rule of 6-slots of units in every royal member occurs.
  9. My opinion is at the middle. I think it is good to utilize the merchants-clerics (not the spies) ,by giving them a limited amount of units, just for the province security, such as rebelion or enemy assaults, while your marshals will be on an expansive mission. The unit capacity for example can be 4 groups of certain units (for instance the cleric or merchant cannot command feudal knights or cataprachts). That's because merhants are useless(for me) in late game, cause the income that produce is too little compare to the tax income from the provinces and i prefer to use my royal slots to have ma
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