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Random resource generation needs tweaking


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If settlements / resources are going to be random, the system needs a lot of improvement. I've started dozens of new campaigns and cannot get anything close to a realistic distribution.

Examples of what I'm talking about:

A small province with only 3-4 spots should never have more than 1 castle, 1 monastery, etc.

A large province should always have at least 1 village.

A large kingdom should always have at least 2 castles, monasteries, villages and crop farms.

A large kingdom should always have at least 1 of certain things relevant to the region - for example England should have at least 1 cattle farm, 1 sheep farm, etc.

PLEASE devs - either give us the option to set these things on our own, or improve the random generation.

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Well I agree there should be some basis in reality but some should stay random. Some balancing would be neat I agree. However I don't mind if for example small province doesn't have for example any monasteries but like 2 farms and 1 castle. But I can definitely understand why having all of 3 slots just farms can bother some players 

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I would really like a way to turn off randomization. 

Think the idea behind randomization is great for re-playability. But would love a "static" mode which somewhat maps to historical/real conditions. Or like you suggested, a way to customize the distribution.

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