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  1. I wonder one thing, will diplomats have an espionage feature? An example can we bribe them commander against her kingdom?
  2. It is certain that it will be released in 2021..we will wait, I hope it's worth it
  3. if producers need for translation, we will help them..just say it
  4. it s good idea. and if we can see a little animation or graphic about fight when the battle, it would be better
  5. This game popular on Turkey. but does not support Turkish? Why?.
  6. definitely corrcet..enought waited..just want be happy..hear us Blacksea
  7. what much time we wait? Just say a release time or give us a beta..and please share more gameplay video
  8. I want to see for diplomacy in KoH:S; we make a peace within our two friends or vassals. I had in war one country and decide to peace. but my vassals continues this war and my new frinde (old enemy) crashed my vassals. I do anythink and this very much annoying.
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