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How long will a game last?


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Hello, I wanted to know how long will a game of KoH2:S last from start to finish.

I realise that's not a trivial question to ask - obviously it depends a lot on the player (how good he is, how aggressive etc.). Also the starting country will have an impact (some are weak and tiny, others are poor in resources etc.). Not to mention different difficulty levels or even how the player wants to win the game (diplomacy or catch'em all).

So what I am really asking is for the average player (who just wants to get the "you win" screen) on normal (or similar) difficulty with a normal starting country and in general average conditions, how long will a game last? 


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Good question, I am also curious as to how long multiplayer will be. Age of Conquest IV is roughly 1.5-2 hours a game, have much longer than that makes it a bit difficult to do multiplayer. Also in multiplayer each faction should be somewhat even however they balance it so that it isn't just pick a certain country determines who wins

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