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  1. Total War (TW) games mostly don't have sea battles as well. And if there are there, they are underwhelming. The closest TW game to this is Medieval 1/2 and they do not have sea battles. As Lighthope said, there aren't really a focus. Besides, did this period of time even had a lot of sea battles? If so, they were really simple and would get boring really quick. Also, TW does not have a limit on marshals etc. (despite not even having an admiral class (except for Warhammer 2, which I wouldn't count here, since it's not historical; and it has no naval battles). There were some skills related to that. But if you only have 9 court members and you keep adding classes, this will become a problem really quick. TW games are great, but KoH should be something different from TW. And I don't think the devs want to just copy other games.
  2. Why not? If the siege is long enough, archers and crossbowman should run out of ammo. But I agree the ammo supply should be huge.
  3. I think, something like what Stellaris does would be good. The empire of a player turns into an AI empire when a player leaves and when another player wants to join, the player can take over any AI empire. Only, you will have to deal with the mismanagement of the AI . 😄 So, maybe some sort of resetting skills etc. might be advantageous in this situation.
  4. They said there will be multiplayer on the world map, but they didn't specify the number of possible players.
  5. Damn, I missed the dev diary, but I hope the devs still read this. (I haven't watched the stream,yet , to be clear.) I definitely support the idea that any court members can die at any moment, be it of old age or in battle etc.. But loosing a marshal to the flu and then your formerly highly skilled army turns into a bunch of amateurs, because their skilled leader is no more, is a terrible thing. It might also take a long time to get it up again. Therefore, I would like to see a mechanic that allows to prepare for this moment. Like to have a semi-skilled character available to replace the recently demised one. There was the idea of the son of the lord replacing the lord and inherit some of the skills. That would be one option. I would suggest that at after the first lord/court member reaches a certain level, he can take on an apprentice that costs a little bit of upkeep (he needs to be fed), but does not give any bonuses to the court member or his actions, but can replace him in case of death and inherit some of the skills or start at a higher skill level according to the time he spent as an apprentice and his masters skill level. Or he could also gain some bonuses over time that buffs his master and later himself. That way, a loss of an court member does not provide too great frustration. And the fact that you, as a player, will have to assign the apprentice (or son) by yourself gives you options. If you don't assign the apprentice you save some upkeep and if your court member dies you start at 0. Also, if your army gets wiped out completely, you should also start at 0, because your apprentice is most likely killed as well. Another thing I was wondering about: What about traits? Like, a certain character performs a certain action a certain amount of times, so he gets a constant buff to this action regardless of his skills. Or he gets some follower which buffs the character. The apprentice could be one of them and he could inherit them ones his master dies. Traits can be applied to units in an army, as well. So, if the marshal dies the army has still some buffs that makes them not to become amateurs again (even if he next marshal starts at 0). I don't like the option to just pay a large amount of money to make the character more skilled. No one gets better in anything just because of money. The availability of education however could influence the starting level of characters. For example, having universities in your kingdom raises the starting level by 1 for each university (or any other number). Sorry for the lengthy text. I was just brainstorming a little bit. 😉 But especially late game, loosing a skilled character and replace him with a total noob is just frustrating. In a well developed kingdom, the player should have the option to start with a semi-skilled character to replace another one in the mid to late game. I just put down some ideas which could be implemented in many ways and combined the way you like.
  6. OK, I got a little bit hooked and did a search. What I was talking about was adding a non-steam game. Below is a guide for how to do that. However, it might not help you. It only adds the game to your library, but doesn't necessarily register it on steam. Maybe (!), if you are lucky , steam might recognise it as a steam game and it will allow you to download the digital version. Let me know if that works.
  7. Because I am not the one who has the problem. I just had an idea and thought I might point it out in the hope it might be useful.
  8. I am not sure if it works the same way if you don't enter the CD-key, but show steam the game files. Although, it would definitely makes sense.
  9. You can get KoH for 2,49 euro on steam right now. 😉 Otherwise, steam has the option to add games to your library without key, but which are installed on your PC. It's where you can enter the CD key. There is an option to add a non-steam game to your library. It will let you search your hard drive for files. There you can add an installed game to your library. But I don't know if it will let you then download the digital version. So, not sure if this helps you.
  10. I think unit experience shouldn't have that much of an impact. Only from slightly losing to just about to win in battles. Tying the experience to the marshal also doesn't make sense to me. I would think troops get buffed from an experienced general as long as they are in this army, but that is independent from the XP of the unit. The marshal could have buffs like "the experience drops less over time", though. Otherwise, I think, XP should be a pure unit property and increase the survivability (defence, moral) only slightly over inexperienced units.
  11. I guess, that also largely depends on you. I am sure my games will last longer than average. I am rather slow.
  12. They said, they would like it out this year, but it might be next year. I am actually OK with next year. They shouldn't rush it out. Better have it done properly than dealing with tons of bugs after release.
  13. Hi guys, I am Fafan. I live in Czech Republic, but I am from Germany originally. I played a so many games. I don't even remember all. I played KoH, but I don't remember much. Only the "Leaving so soon, sire?" at 7am, when I suddenly realized the sun has risen and I wanted to go to bed 5/6 hours ago. Otherwise: Total War franchise (in love with Warhammer 2 currently), C&C franchise (worshipping the remaster right now), Assassins Creed franchise, Skyrim (probably the most), Oblivion, ESO, Stellaris, Diablo franchise, Call of Duty franchise, Age of Empires franchise (including Age of Mythology), Cossacks franchise, Far Cry franchise, Mount and Blade: Bannerlord, LOTR: Battle for Middleearth 1+2, Company of Heroes, ... and some more which I don't remember right now or don't find worth mentioning, because I played them only shortly. No Pets.
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