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Map supposed to have less African states, especially Sahara that is not effective in history. However map supposed to have more Central Asian states, such as Samarand. As you know Chengis and Temur came till Aegean sea from Khara-Khurum and Samarkand but medieval time Sahara and bottom Sahara was not effetive in history. As a suggestion to developers, you guys make mass area states for Central Asian states, you dont need to make it like Balkans and Anatolia.

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  I am actually surprised Anatolia doesn't have more provinces. As for central Asia... Well this would mean extending map to India too. However I could imagine to extend it to whole of Persia. Sahara does seem to have a lot of provinces that is true. I wish they included Iceland and Faroe as province. And make some provinces borders a bit different. 

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I don't really understand what you mean by 

On 12/26/2021 at 12:57 AM, rnmx said:

medieval time Sahara and bottom Sahara was not effetive in history.

I agree that the entire Persia does deserve to be on the map and that Central Asian Transoxiana AKA Mavarannahr was (before the Mongols) one of the most developed places of the world...

but although it is not that much known, the sub-Saharan area between Middle Niger and Senegal rivers had - in early medieval period - pretty advanced civilization, by far more advanced than contemporary Europe outside Spain and Italy... and it was one of the most densely populated places in the world at that time (rivaling Middle Eastern fertile zone or northern India). All that changed only when in the late 11th century and later, the Sahara started expanding southwards, moving 200 km southwards and transforming the former fertile zone into semi-deserts (the reason for moving the regional political center of gravity south, from Ghana-Wagadu to Mali).

The downside of including Central Asia is that the map needs to be rectangular and if it is, having Central Asia means you need to have India in...which means a lot more resesrch and development time spent on specifically Indian stuff (and there's a lot of important and very interesting stuff in medieval India). That said, I do understand that in order to keep the game scope compact, the developers have decided to leave India out... and, sadly, Central Asia with it.

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