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  1. I like the srletup and the approach you have chosen. Will we be able to see more of the map?
  2. oh yes, I asked, but in some context. Let me remind it to you: you stated that Elephants were used in North Africa, even in Roman times, and you got an answer that it wasn't in medieval times, which you claimed to be false. So when you are accusing somebody of false statement, I am assuming you have something to prove it. So please feel free to prove your point. Or don't lie. If you don't care about basic realism you may call it nitpicking, but It's not. It's about respecting elementary human values and elementyry respect to basic framework of time and geography. It's obvious that
  3. Hehe, this is ridiculous. Yes, Charlemagne got an elephant as a gift from Abbasid caliph as a ceremonial sign of respect, a living trophy if you want, not as a weapon. Also that elephant originated most probably either from India or East Africa, but most deffinitely not from North Africa, where elephants were extinct. Hence this anecdote is no proof of using elephants in medieval North Africa. That Charlemagne marched his elephant exactly once to surprise his foe is no sign of existence of "War elephants" as a military unit. Rather the opposite: Even the 2 mentions of elephants being used
  4. false? if you claim war elephants were used to spread fear among Europeans in medieval times, could you give some example? I agree they would be cool, but it would be as realistic as having Native Americans in KoH2, as cool as it would be. Cartaghinians did use elephants in Roman times, but the sub-specie was extinct by the middle ages and there were no more elephants in North Africa in the period covered by this game. And the elephants of sub- Saharan savanna were too big for humans to employ them for labor or warfare. On the other hand, I need to admit that my 15+ ye
  5. nice to see you mammix 🙂 The maps were usefull all the way until today and were one of starters for my mapping project (see http://rome.webz.cz/) This is a current WIP version of my previous version shown here: http://rome.webz.cz/bohemia_poland.htm In other words. Big thanks. You helped me to develop something what is still evolving and improving 😉
  6. My name is Zdenek - yea, hard to pronounce for anyone outsice of Central Europe, so call me Elvain I'm from Czechoslovakia, but most of my life I live in Czechia (AKA the Czech republic)... and didn't even have to move from the country. Bad joke, I know. Games? Oh... I loved KoH, the original one. Probably the biggest passion of mine for long time, spent loads of time not only on playing, but more importantly on modding and speculating about KoH2 all those years back. But I also like other games... from board games I love Carcassone and Catan by far the most... and from digital one
  7. hehe, I wish I was a teenager back then. Anyway, if I recall corectly, Deux was Dutch and yes, he was an active modder (like most of us, who were active and still remember). I actually kinda keep in touch with Nike and Heretic from time to time... maybe they will come back too 😄
  8. hi guys, Nice to see you again, GogoT, I wanted to guess whether you are GogoT, before reading your post propperly 🙂 And... since you asked, I got a message from a little bird who knows me via other channels and... 🧙‍♂️ Abra Kadabra... I'm here 😄 But to be honest, I'm watching KoH:S since the first facebook posts... and to be honest, the other member mentioned in the OP actually told me about the birth of KoH2 (after I already knew, though :D) Anyway, nice to see you again, guys after those looog years. Awesome to read from Laudan too 🤗👋
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