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Hello guys,
one of things in KOH that made a big impression to me, was the Famous Rebels that were pillaging around the countries.
I always wanted to start the game as a Famous Rebel. You know, start a revolution to make the country better and stuff... 
I believe this was a part of the history, maybe not many many of them made it through, but i believe that would awesome to exist as an option.
Also, i think, since they will excist in the game, that would be a good option, not just to kill them, but try to bribe them somehow, so they can help you 
in a foreign land, or even pay them so they can join you as marshals, or even promise them a castle that you will conquer with them and they gonna rule
as an indipendent ally to the end of his days....
What do you think about the roles of the rebels generally in the game?
Dear developers, what would be their part in the history of KOH Sovereign?


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I dont think that could work verry well, knowing how KoH was set to work. Like what happens if the leader rebel dies without having captured a castle? You might lose the game within 5 min of playing. Maybe @frujin will "open the doors" about the new KoH features, but for now we could only guess, based on what we know about the old KoH.
But what I think can be done and could work pretty well is this - I will call this the Work in progress states/kingdoms. When just before the start of the game a rebel has captured a castle but is still not a legitimate ruler. In this case you would start as a unrecognized kingdom/king  and will have to earn your unrecognition by winning a war or by diplomacy. I will give an example with the uprising of Georgi Voyteh . In 1072 you start with the rebel bulgarian state in the province of macedonia (or the town of Skopie) and in war with byzantine empire. Most states still dont recognize you as a ruler. You have two ways of gaining recognition - 1/diplomacy with the Pope /he might offer recognition in return for converting you into catholic/ or 2/ with war - wining the war with Byzantine empire.

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Very good example and a good idea. Thanks Georgi for responding.
Now, about losing the game in 5 mins i believe it would be no problem, coz all you lose is 5 mins from your game. You can start again.
I really like to play in hard mode with hard starting, and thats why i used to start with kingdoms of one and weak castle.
I have to say that i dont remember how the Famous Rebels were working in the first game. I mean they were made after a succesfull attempt of a spy? 
Something else....
Once in a game i lost a castle and when i went there to retake it, rebels that were holding my flag(with the rebel white), were pillaging the province. I joined them and after we sucked everything, we sieged the castle together. I could do it alone, it was not a big deal, but this thing gave me feeling at that time.
I mean this game made me feel things!! DAMN man! My brothers fought with me! We cant lose this in the new game.
I believe that rebels should exist in KOH2 with the same, or more frequency. And of course i wait for something even better...

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One of the cities that a lot of people forget is Bruges it had a rather important role during the dark /  Medieval ages and the region of Flanders was the scene of many battles.
While they are considered Rebels I do hope that regions like this will stand out a bit more. 


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