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Dear developers: there is a topic I would like to know by simple curiosity. A lot of the fans (including me) have been waiting for a game that can compete with the Total War saga which, from my point of view, became more corrupt and lazy (reimburse your last game for three kingdoms and I doubt you buy it) I do not want to generate any conflict or anything, but I would like to know how they feel at the wish of some fans that their game can rival those of Total War?

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Lol I doubt they will answer that just due to name calling non-sense, and this question has already kinda of been answered. KOH2 is going to be a kind of blend between something like Total War and something like Europa Universalis. So depending on how well KOH 2 is, it will likely draw players from those two games/genres since many people find Europa to be too complex, and like the instant action battles of Totalwar series, but Total war is not complex enough and is often poorly designed ect... So KOH2 will likely fill a nice niche hole between these two giants.  Will it be better then those games? Well man your on KOH 2 forum soo hell ya!!!! KOH 2 will be better !!! 😜

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