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The Last Kingdom

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I am Uhtred, son of Uhtred and ...

I am starting a small(ish) project to make an addon for the Britain mod from @GrafLaudan 

What you can expect from this project?

1. If you have played any of Laudan's mods you probably know that it's much harder to play and survive and there is much more fighting than usual. Especially if you start with a bigger kingdom is not much fun. I will keep the most of the difficulty tweaks from the mod with only one exception - you will be able to ally people if they like you - this is important for the setup.

2. I will update some of the names on the map to match the names from Bernard Cornwell books. For Wessex is easy to do(done already)  but for Ireland, Wales, Scotland, may not be possible. Will do what I can.

3. New names for Danes and Saxon royal court members like Aethelred, Steapa, Ragnar, Kjartan, and the rest. Most of the characters from the Netflix series will be added as names in the names pools unless if I don't forget someone. I would not go in super details to setup the starting names for the king's families except Alfred's family and Uhtred of Bebbanburg and his son Uhtred. I already tested and the game font that is for the town names supports Æ, but sadly not the font that is for the names themselves. Sorry Æthelflæd...

4. Feudal system. The king of Wessex for example does not control directly all of Wessex but has 2 or 3 vassals who are loyal to him at the beginning of the game. The same will be for Mercia and Northumbria. Also at the start of the game these 3 will be friendly to each other,  and would form a coalition against the Danes. The same rules will apply to the Danes, Scots, Wales and Ireland. And the French in the south. After a while everything will go back to "normal", I guess.

5. No Peasants! No knights. Nothing crazy about the units bowmen, axemen, vikings..

6. Two religions instead of one - Catholic and Norse

7. Danes will  have a special mechanic - raid coastal provinces. Priority will have Irish coastal provinces and the French ones. This will help them to settle on the Irish and French coast. 

8. Town levels! This is an extra mechanic that I haven't built and tested completely before. Think about M&B where you have Village, Castle, Town. Here will have Small settlement, Castle, And Large town. Small settlements will be good for resourses like wool, wheat, honey, meat, but will be like a village. You would not expect to train high level units there. Axemen and bowmen, sure. Castles are good for training units. But can't have civil buildings. In towns you can have both, kind of. Only in towns you will build fancy buildings like market, library, university, or to have guilds and advanced workshops to produce clothes or jewelry for example.

1 to 7 is pretty easy and straightforward to do. It's just a lot of files to edit. But the great thing is that I don't have to do a map at least. Thank you, @GrafLaudan for that.
8 may be more time consuming as it will require image editing and a lot of tweak-testing of the buildings file. 

Requirements and setup.

This is a mod for a mod for a mod. So you need the HD mod + The hd Britain mod installed and working already.

Everything that is mentioned above, even if might sound weird is absolutely doable by tweaking the game files and I hope it would not take longer than a few weeks to be done, at least points 1 to 7,

but will see.. Destiny is all!

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On 5/12/2021 at 11:07 AM, Menssie said:

You can use images (and other files) from Economy Expansion Mod, there is a bunch of new buildings.  Maybe some of them can be of use to You.

Thanks for the idea. This will save a lot of time for image editing. Also cool images I like that you used game art for the buildings.

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