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  1. I see in the post: DevDiary 15 - Evolution of Gameplay one picture with the marshal and four slots for the siege units. Also i see that you can after building the barracks built the siege workshop. My fault. Next time i will reading more. But siege units in action will be see only on the battlefield.
  2. I haven't seen any siege units yet. Will there be siege units such as ladder men, ballists, catapults and trebuchets in the finished game? Are these units displayed in the slots of the armies? How many different army units will there be?
  3. I am afraid there will be no open battles, because this part of the development takes the most time. That would be a great pity. A picture of a battle would refute my fear.
  4. Kriegselefanten sollten zur Verfügung stehen. Im Mittelalter waren diese Einheiten selten oder garnicht vorhanden. Die Kosten für die Ausbildung der Kriegselefanten waren sehr hoch. Im Kampf waren die Elefanten schwer zu kontrollieren und deshalb unbrauchbar. In meinen Mods gibt es diese Elefanten und sind selten und teuer zu erwerben. War elephants should be available. In the Middle Ages, these units were rare or non-existent. The cost of training the war elephants was very high. In battle, the elephants were difficult to control and therefore unusable. In my mods there are these elephan
  5. I make already a fantasy mod. Its called ArmageddonFantasy.
  6. I think about the map. In the last video of the defs i saw the part of the map Knights of Honor 2. I take the map of my mod Orient and Occident and place the part of the map Knights of Honor 2 inside. I think the map file is same the map file in Knights of Honor 1792 x 1792. I hope we will see soon the map. https://www.facebook.com/GrafLaudan/photos/pcb.785518975434371/785517222101213/?__cft__[0]=AZWCGQ8BPWwWG0j_MYdh9Fm6dpy-I1gkaElbXZnWLZ5kfi6RiqXzRFENIMufPaBmG_zmfd6NW3AYNsYjRt6VklqpZ5evlFk2suV9JVQ4oRjIKpYZgi8tctKekua3p-kcPvi0TOP4_E0wgIPfSbtqunBDZnMPF4C2IXsbQKUBwf1Xcw&__tn__=*bH-R
  7. I saw in the videos that the realms have a new zone. I give this zone the name Small castle ( Bergfried in german ). This castle have some garrison inside. I think this castle garrison will support the town if the town under attack. So its wise to destroy these small castle first. But what function it have can only say Frujin. Frujin can speak more about this castles.
  8. Its a long long time. If i was young. My name was before Laudan. Later i become a little bit wisdom . Elvain was one of the great modder. A pionier.
  9. I am very interesting about the new method of modding for KoH2. Many thanks for some tools of modding for KoH. Thank you to Spielvererber for his great tool Kohmapconv. With this small great tool i can great many maps.
  10. Name/Handle: GrafLaudan Country: Germany Games I like to play: I loved Knights of Honor. I am creating many Mods: Mod Hard InvasionEconomic, WorldScenario, HolyRomanEmpire, Britannia, Crusader, Reconquista, Armageddon, ArmageddonFantasy and Orient and Occident. All these mods for Knights of Honor you can Downloading for free on my Facebook site. https://www.facebook.com/GrafLaudan/ I am playing many diffrent games on PC , Xbox one x and PS4 Pro. Pets: non
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