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The brit mod for KoH 1 is epic

Chinggis Qaan

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A lot of good things too say and also some bad. Proberly the hardest KoH I've ever played take 1 province and all goes too war with you. Late game provinces randomly change religion too "paganism" if the Bishop in Kent has excomunicated you(which he most deffently will if u get big). What I like the most is the very good grapics ofc(high resolution) better than most new games or remakes out there. The bad things is things like you can only break a siege with an army outside the besiged city. Also not too good is rebelions are all over(hard now that kings and prices can't be spawned and recalled any time too any where needed) all the time haha. Thise things just makes the game harder and more intence. For any needing a fune challange this is it.


Things that should be improved tho: bug; can't see in what provinces on the grand map that has the recuiments for university, cathedrals etc.



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This is a cool thing you did - you conquered everything but one province and at the end you became ireland just before you finished the game.


Other than that this mod could use an update to 





into something like THIS



Where you can have some sort of feudal order and coalitions (Saxons vs. Danes and the Others) to a certain level within the limits of KOH 1


There is always the question , of course,


Would the end result and the UX would worth the time spend on doin that...

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