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RTS battles in MP


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I don't think there is such a topic, yet.

I also don't think it is very pragmatic - Suppose there are 6 players in the Multiplayer game. When a batle starts you will be left with 2 options:

  1. the game is paused and the 2 armies duke it out on the batle filed in RT - what are the other 4 players doing? Just watching a battle that may not concern them at all?
  2. the game is not paused so the other 4 players can continue with their game - then the players that participate in the batle cannot run their kingdoms - spies and rebels run rampant, opinions fall due to inactivity, or the AI takes control of your empire and forces you into decisions you may not have intended?

I think RTS battles in MultiPlayer were fine as in the original game or maybe just add them for a 2 player games.

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They didn't mention yet how it will be implemented, but I can think of several more option to implement this than WestAant mentioned.

  1. All battles have to be fought.
  2. No battles can be fought.
  3. All battle between 2 or more players have to be fought. Battles where only 1 player is participating (against AI) can't be fought.
  4. When a battle is initiated, all players can vote. If a specific amount of players (50%, 2/3, All) agree, the battle will be fought.
  5. Only important battles will be fought. Again, these are most probably battles between players or sieges against the last city/fortress of a kingdom.
  6. Players, who are not participating in a battle are allowed to take over the AI-army.
  7. Every player gets a "important-battle token" after every hour (or maybe 2). They can use it to fight a battle in person. Otherwise, battles will be calculated.

I also would guess they will make some sort of server-setting when hosting a (public) multiplayer-game and everyone who thinks about joining, sees which setting for battles will be used. I, for example, would never join a server where battles are fought because im only marginally interested in the battles.

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Or I think a better option is you pick and choose which battles to fight as main map will not be paused but continue. You can zoom from battle to main map, back and forth. Or if you want to focus only on battle have an AI marshal, prince, or governor take charge in your absence 

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