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Kill 'em with kindness (Sort of)


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Hi All,


I've known for a little while that the Second installment in the Knights of Honor franchise was in the works, but just recently found out about the Dev Strams and this Community hub. I haven't quite caught on with everything, but I wanted to ask some questions, that might have already be answered.


I'll try to make my story short (I am not good at this so please bear with me) -  I've been playing the Original Kngihts of Honor for so many years, that I started to chalange myself with conquering as many provinces and never declaring a war:

1. When someone demands to break relations or attack someone - only/always accept when they offer a province in exchange;

2. Inherit territory;

3. Winning wars (never declaring one):

- When someone declares war on me - only using my armies defensively (never entering enemy territory - bad for relations with them);

- When I capture enemy marshall - immediately return it to the owner (improving relations with them);

- When we are in such good term - offer them to be my Vassal (they just cannot resist peace offer from such a good friend);

4. Spy activities

- Spy merchents were able to annex Vassal territories;

- Spy clerics were able to proclaim their province independant, becoming the ruler of that province - Your spy becomes a king and you can annex that province in a short while (just hope he doen't kill himself on the rebbel army that had just popped up);

- Any Spy (mainly one that becomes another spy) were able to become a ruler of a nation when the previous king had died without an heir -  most tidious one but still gets the job done;


Additionaly: Hope that there is an option in the new game that daughters can also inherit the throne (there are so many examples in history).  It was a real Pain in the A**  when you get the third notification "A princess is born!". So many times I wished that one of the daughters could take the throne and not my Lvl 18 marshall who is leading my army from the start of the game.


I was wondering in KoH Soverign do you plan on keeping or reworking any of those concepts?


Best regards and Happy New year!


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Ah, I see. I fellow "pacifist". I think they are the best part of the game but they are very passive. Unlike the RTS parts you can't just jump into the spies body and try to murder the king yourself.

I think there should be a more active part of spying but this has not been a big topic in the forums or in the streams.

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The rest of the game is fine, but Spying just brings a whole new dimention to the game that I find fascinating.


I think one of the main reasons why developing is taking so much is the Spying part - the team is trying to make figuring out that there is a spy in your court difficult to tell in Multiplayer and make it so that every event, that a spy can do, could occur naturaly (without spy action).


As for the waiting process, there is a x10 button in the game, so this speeds up the process a bit. And there is always a prince that you try marry in order to inherit some land, and then deal with vassal insurections when they decline your claims, and a whole lot of BS if for some reason you try to inherit land from the Papal State. It is not as boring as you describe it.

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