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  1. The ideas sound great. Having spies me more active like every other roles makes a lot of sense. Still, I didn't quite understand. Will there still be an option to have spies as court member? Since I played a of spies and have played a whole campaign trying to get everything through espionage I would be interested in knowing if there is a more active way to become the ruler of a country through espionage. In KoH I it was quite boring just waiting for your spy to get hired into the opponent's court, preferable as spy, and slowly but surely carving your way through the ranks.
  2. Well, yeah, why not? I don't know men. You tell me 🙂
  3. I like the idea but I agree with Lighthope that it will get probably pretty boring in the long run. There must be a way to make this into a mechanic though. What about making fortifications decrease rebellions like some sort of middle age police?
  4. That's a spicy topic. I would like to have the option to just make a princess the Queen without a drawback but I can see the point.
  5. In KoH I Marshalls took over Provinces by capturing strongholds. Spies can take over a whole country by killing the king and gaining the crown. I felt like Landlords should be able to annex provinces. In KoH II we don't really have Landlords since they were pretty useless but we have Diplomats. It would be interesting if Diplomats had the ability to annex nearby provinces if they are ruling over a province. There could be even synergies with Marshalls. Placing your Marshall in an enemy province could unlock the ability of the Diplomat to slowly take over that prov
  6. I have been playing KoH 1 lately and one of the things that is very annoying is the constant barrage of Rebels towards the endgame. If if your provinces are pretty happy they will still produces Rebels. Even if you take over a country "peacefully" with spies there will still be Rebels. That is very tedious. If we take over a country not by fighting but through Espionage there should be nobody rebelling. The power struggle is at the top. The peasants shouldn't notices anything.
  7. Ah, I see. I fellow "pacifist". I think they are the best part of the game but they are very passive. Unlike the RTS parts you can't just jump into the spies body and try to murder the king yourself. I think there should be a more active part of spying but this has not been a big topic in the forums or in the streams.
  8. I totally understand that waiting will be part of it. Pacifist in the sense of not fighting with Marshals. Yes, you still have to kill a bunch of Monarchs. The idea would be to have an ability to allow spies outside of the court to eliminate enemy court members, which can be countered by having a trustworthy spy on your court like KoH 1, or having an ability to impersonate a court member or combinations of all those things. As far as I know there will be a merchant network system in KoH 2 so I could imagine that you could also make a Spy Network that works in tandem with Diplomats me
  9. Sorry but this makes no sense. You can't insert politics and religion into your game and expect people to not talk about it. Especially because game-era related topics haves consequences for today.
  10. Name/Handle? Carl Lucas. Pretty simple. You should check me out on YT. I know, shameless. Which Country are you from? Germany but originally from Brazil What kinds of games do you like to play? Everything, mostly indie games. I literally have no preference. I range from 2d Platformers, Rogue-Lites, Sidescroles, FPSs and of course some Grand Strategy.
  11. I want to know what will happen with the Spies. Can I win the game by continuously using espionage to get two court member and killing the Monarch over and over again? In KoH you could do it but not really since it took so much time and sometimes other countries just wouldn't hire anything. No spies, no merchants, no marshals and you just had your spy sitting around. Will there be a way for Spies to actively weasel their way into the enemy court? Will there be even a synergy with the Diplomat? I want to do a full pacifist run.
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