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Conquest and Culture and Religion: Is the wipe a must?


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Hello, dear devs, dear community, 


I have a question concerning conquest and culture. Forgive me if someone has already asked the same question, and if so, gallantly refer or transfer me to the according thread, thank you.


Will it be possible to conquer cities, even lands, without imposing my home culture and religion on them? 

From reading the according Dev Diary this wasn't clear to me. In history, there have always been both approaches: 


A) The Wipe

It's what Macchiavelli suggests in "The Prince", i.e., forcing everyone to adopt "my" religion and other core cultural assets, that's what Isabella and Alfonso (among others) did during and after the "Reconquista". 


B) The Inclusion

It's what (among others) the muslims did successfully for centuries in Spain: allowing people to keep their religion and other core cultural assets, as long as they remained loyal to the sovereign, paying taxes, sending troops when asked for, etc. 


Both approaches surely had (and have) their pros and cons, and that should be reflected by the game mechanics - could you elaborate on that in a more detailed Dev Diary about conquest, please? 

To me this is a crucial aspect of the game. I do hope for variety in the crucial aspect of conquest (and reconquista). What do you honourable developers plan? What do you gallant supporters think? 



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