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William Blake

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Hey, don't get me wrong. But it appears to me that all these DevStreams are just lame.

If you have nothing to show, and you keep mentioning things which "we won't talk about now", it looks and feels as a very weak attempt to make something out of nothing.

What is the goal of all this effort? When you try to explain some system, which is described by mostly anecdotes and bits of "we also have a feature" without any visuals or real explanation of purpose and trade offs, it feels very irrelevant and remote.

You keep showing practically same visuals over and over again for ages and you have long talks about second hand impressions of mostly unfinished game. And the talks are getting less and less interesting. Maybe I'm wrong, but would imagine that you peeked interested by the 3rd stream and now you are just forced to stick with a schedule from some marketing department.

I, for one, completely lost interest and practically force myself to watch it to listen again and again how Brad likes to play it and "this/that is not final".

So, I hope I'm very wrong on this and everyone else is having tons of fun and learn amazing deal about the game from the dev streams, but I feel very disappointed with the direction it is all going.

Have to say it in a hope it gets better, no hard feelings.




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