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Add ability to Counter Offer


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Sometimes when you offer a deal to a kingdom, the kingdom will reply back with a counter offer. For example:

The Player (you) offers a Royal Wedding to Kingdom B, and Kingdom B will counter offer by adding that they will agree to your proposal if you send them X amount of gold or declare war on Kingdom C.

Now, in the other direction, Kingdom B offers the player a Royal Wedding, and the player can only accept or reject the offer. The player should be able to counter offer too, asking Kingdom B for some gold or demanding Kingdom B to declare war to Kingdom C in order for us (the player) to accept their offer.

IMO this will make the game more engaging and will make the player feel like they have some leverage in the outcome. To me, this is the one feature that feels like it should be 100% in the game (feels like missing), and it just feels that someone just forgot to implement it. It was missing in the original game, and sadly, it is also missing in this one.

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3 hours ago, Iskar said:

Even better would be the possibility to tie offers and demands together to a deal, instead of launching demands and hoping the AI makes the right counteroffer.

Oh yeah, like the player offers a Royal Marriage in exchange for some gold and/or declaring war to some kingdom in a single transaction. That'd be nice too. Which is something that the AI does as well. So, the negotiations in this game are a bit one sided at this point.

In order, to not confuse the 2 suggestions in case someone in the dev team ever reads this:

  1. Add ability to counter offer the AI.
  2. Add ability to demand while making an offer.
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