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J.R.R Tolkien the Medievalist Kickstarter


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I am a new self-publishing author who just began a Kickstarter for my first book titled "The Road Goes Ever On and On A New Perspective on J. R. R. Tolkien and Middle-earth." Kickstarter supporters receive special perks such as sighed copies, early access, reduced price, stunning artwork, etc 


While I cover many subjects, the book focuses on how Tolkien's political, religious, and environmental views affected his mythology. One theme that runs through the entire book is Tolkien's Medievalism. I liken him to a Medieval peasant/scholar who was out of place living in the modern world. By learning about Tolkien and Middle Earth, you will also learn about prominent Medieval thinkers as they were the same. Please check out the link if you are interested in supporting an Indie author. 


Praise for the Road Goes Ever On and On!

Engrossing...Tolkien’s principles—patriotism, Medievalism, localism, Catholicism—are certainly out of fashion today. And yet they’re the foundation for all his books, which have sold hundreds of millions of copies. Mr. Smith does a wonderful job of explaining why modern readers are so enthralled by Tolkien’s reactionary vision. Whether you’re a casual Lord of the Rings fan or a serious Tolkien scholar, every page of Mr. Smith’s book will delight and fascinate. And if anyone ever tells you that fairy-tales are only for children, hand him this book. Tolkien ought to be regarded as one of the great social critics of our time, as Mr. Smith so masterfully demonstrates. -Michael Warren Davis is an editor for Sophia Institute Press and the author of the Reactionary Mind: Why Conservative Isn’t Enough. You can find him on his blog, the Common Man.

As the popularity of Tolkien’s work continues to endure, the importance of Jeb Smith’s work continues to grow. This is because of a prolonged siege against Tolkien’s work: the attempt to dislodge it from its Christian and Biblical foundations. Jeb Smith’s insights are immensely helpful to this and future generations of Tolkien admirers. -Scott L. Smith, author of Lord of the Rings and the Eucharist

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