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Oh my gosh, this is a thing?!  I remember the lament from the community when the original Knights of Honour went away.  I thought Black Sea Studios was gone.

And now a Knights of Honour 2!!!!!!!!!!

Sega/Creative Total War really dropped the ball by not giving us Medieval 3, so I am ecstatic that there is going to be a Knights of Honour 2.

There really needs to be a light-years update to the game.  It's been how long now?  So I am expecting great graphics and generations improvement to game play. Not just a few changes.  We're talking the difference between Civilization 2 and Civilization 6-level of improvements.

My big bugaboo has been diplomacy. It's hard to find a game that does it right.  Civ 6 does it fairly well.  I hear good things about Total War: Three Kingdoms on the diplomacy front.

I'd like to see some real improvements and some real depth to diplomacy in Knights of Honour 2.


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6 hours ago, Pan Yannos said:

You can't compare a turned based game with an RTS... You don't play it with the same perspective and that is affecting your decisions throughout it.

Everything is different when comparing an RTS to a turn-based game.  So you believe we can't make any comparisons to M2:TW?

Diplomacy is actually one of the few things that isn't much different.  Real time or turned based, KoH could stand to have much deeper diplomacy.  It's even more fun because, as a real-time game, you have tell time to mull over your decisions.

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