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1) Can we play with great warriors of the Middle Ages such as Ricardo Corazon de Leon or Saladino?
2) Can firearms be used? before anyone complains, in the middle ages the first firearms developed.
3) the development blog will be created once a month?

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As I don't want to use a new questions thread I will use thise for my questions:

First of all: As a fan and part of the old KOH community, I war aware of KOH 2 development early, however for reasons I can't explain I was aware very late about the existance of the Developer Diaries.

So I beg you pardon, if I ask questions that you (the Devs) have ansered before.

#1 As this game is considered to be "Sandbox" like, can you play, if you want to, your game in "eternity" as long as you haven't a victory condition (in the sense of any sandbox-playstile of every other game?)

#2 In the first KOH there was an "inofficial" (AFAIK because of the risk that the game could crash and there was no fix, which never happened when I used it) game command (Some called it the "Zoom cheat", even if it was no cheat! 😄 ) That made it possible to view your towns even of there was no Battle going on there, also during night cycles. IMOH this added a lot to the atmosphere amd on top I like that "Ant Farm" feeling if I am the Boss or the ruler in the games I play and watch what is going on in the "day to day work" of my towns, bases or Kingdoms. Regardless if it's my towns in "The Settler" games, or "Cities: Skylines" or "Anno", or my Base in the new X-Com games.

So I hope a similar feature will be included, maybe this tim even as an official feature? 🙂

#3 As you can guess I also play Medieval Total War (1 and 2) and I also played Crusader Kings 2. While Crusader Kings 2 does more focus on the developing a Royal Dynastie than on beeing a deep Strategie game, the Medieval Total War do the opposite. As the title says the focus is War, even if there is some sort of diplomacy system in the MTW games.

My wish would be that KOH 2 closes that gap by giving use some sort of "Build and guide the Dynasty of the Royal Family you play" and offering some nice RT battles.

So how much will we gat from all of that in KOH 2?

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