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interesting feature for the crusades


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dear developers: I am currently reading the book The Wars of God, where some of the problems caused by the Crusaders on their way to the Holy Land are told, such as: ordering food in the territories where they were transiting, attacking Jewish communities and provoking all kinds of looting.
It occurred to me that the following things could be added:
1) The crossed armies will ask for food or food when they cross the lands of other Christian territories. Granting these supplies or not will have its causes and consequences.
2) Some groups of soldiers can separate themselves from the main bulk of the army and cause disturbances in the busy lands
3) If there are Jews in the player's lands, some fan groups may try to attack them.

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  • THQ Nordic

Some cool ideas here, love to see the creativity. We're actually going to be iterating on many of the religion features here in the next few months of development, so keep the thoughts flowing. We can't promise any of the ideas will make it in, but you never know what types of thoughts could trigger inspiration for the design team!

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Thank you very much, Bart. I also read that the Emperor of Constantinople asked the Pope for help, he summoned the crusade and then the emperor had to provide food and gold in return for the return of the conquered territories. Perhaps something like this can be done in the jeugo when one is the Pope or the emperor of Byzantium. That could be implemented with the ideas I said before.

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