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Annexing Provinces

Carl Lucas

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In KoH I

Marshalls took over Provinces by capturing strongholds.

Spies can take over a whole country by killing the king and gaining the crown.

I felt like Landlords should be able to annex provinces.

In KoH II we don't really have Landlords since they were pretty useless but we have Diplomats.

It would be interesting if Diplomats had the ability to annex nearby provinces if they are ruling over a province.

There could be even synergies with Marshalls. Placing your Marshall in an enemy province could unlock the ability of the Diplomat to slowly take over that province.

This could be of course too powerful but since spies can take over entire countries this feels more like a straight forwards way to do "pacifist" campaigns.

Let me know what you guys think?

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I do like the idea of a province switching allegiances.  Very Civ VI (and other iterations).

I don't know how a Diplomat would be able to do that since they work with the Court, but I understand your thinking.

I certainly would like to see more thought into this.  The idea is interesting.

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