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Platforms! Who will be able to enjoy the game? Who won't?


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Dear Devs, 

from what I've seen you are building something beautiful and great. 

I am willing to wait as long as it takes to create a worthy successor of KOH 1. 


But! It'd be very dear to know whether we will be able to play on the ps4 or on mac os…

So can you please at least hint at whether you are planning to release it on other platforms than windows, and which those might be? 

Thank you! 

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I'd say Mac & Linux seem to be very likely options with Windows.

For consoles or phones not really, phones still just seem to have rather weak hardware while console controllers are not really fit for RTS games like KoH + mods on consoles just sounds weird and nearly impossible thing to do.

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@THQN Brad ok, thank you… hope burns eternal in man‘s chest, but it’s a wee candle…

@Field Marshal i don’t want to make a partition on my mac hd… 

Regarding the consoles: true what you say, but it’s possible to connect a keyboard and mouse, isn’t it… 

I certainly would. And so might

 many others. The console market is huge…


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It would be amazing if you can release it on Mac OS as well. I personally do not care about consoles or mobile devices for an RTS game and it doesn't really make sense to waste resources towards them, but it would be a shame not to make use of the Mac App Store. 

Good luck with the development! 

On 8/20/2020 at 11:38 PM, THQN Brad said:

As of right now, the only platform we've announced is PC/Windows. While we aren't speaking too much beyond that, I can confirm that there are no plans for bring the game to mobile devices like phones at this time.


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