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Infantry don't catch up to their price...


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Hello there, Dear Devs,

Since the update, I have had several times my euro heavy infantry fight euro heavy spearmen. I send them, as the game clearly states that infantry is the counter to spearmen. However in many cases the heavy spearmen took the better of my swords. (Not in all, when I sent slavic axemen they shredded the heavy spearmen)

My heavy infantry were in line formation, standart distance, free to break lines.

Could you, please, check again if everything with the stats of the units is accurate and precise?

I wouldn't mind if the heavy swords cost less, however 750 gold and 500 levies are no joke, after all. Besides, this all just makes no sense - many players say that they prefer the spearmen, even before the update. 

Perhaps I am missing something? Perhaps there is some hidden mechanic that I am not aware of? If so, I am sure that there are many other players who aren't either, as we all just spam heavy spearmen, some archers and some cav, disregarding infantry in all its states. I hope that I am not the only one seeing this! (?)

It just feels a shame that the most diverse unit (light infantry have 3 whole types of cozmetic variations, and I love it!) and the backbone of any army is being tossed around like this.

I get that they are supposed to be versatile - could you be so kind as to explain their preferred use? I always love infantry! Maybe I just don't understand them?

And as you know, I mainly play most of the battles.


Edit: In the game I played these battles, I've already won the games by advancements, so it's not like they lacked goods.

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It seems that heavy spearmen are some kind of cheap super unit. They cost 400 gold and have better stats in almost every way than all existing heavy and elite infantry units. For example men at arms cost 1500 gold and only their melee attack is better than heavy spearmens.

I think its because of the infantry tactics skill and several other traits that increase defenses of unit. The heavy spearmen have the highest defense ratings and there are not many infantry damage increasing skills. So once the players have established their traditions, religious settings and other benefits the heavy spearmen are the best close ranged infantry unit and you don't really need anything else.

If anything, their price should be fixed. But even if they costed 1500 gold, i'd still buy them since they are the best infantry unit.



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