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Woodworking bonus not working

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It states that building Sawmills upgrade gives you 5% cheaper building cost, but once finished it changes nothing.

Expected result: 

To give me the bonus as stated.

Steps to reproduce: 

Build Sawmills upgrade for Woodworking building.



As you can see from picture above and below that after finishing the upgrade the money cost and production cost stays the same.


I don't know if this bug is known or if I misunderstood something, if so, can anyone clarify it for me. 🙂 thanks in advance 

Woodworking bonus not working_SP.zip

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On 4/19/2023 at 4:34 PM, MartinG said:

Hello @DoVlaLegend

This is the expected result - the building cost reduction only affects the buildings themselves and does not affect the upgrades in the buildings.

Thank you for reporting and hopefully this info will help you!

oh... okay I understand it now😅 thank you for your reply 😃

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