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Quality Of Life Suggestions


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Loving this game so far, but there are a few quality of life improvements that would make it sweeter!

  1. Sovereign Chronology:
    Currently there is just a number to show how many generations of leaders of your nation there has been. An additional screen/tab to show past family tree or at least the chronology of the Kings gone by would be nice.
  2. Foreign Relations: 
    When you mouse over the opinion bar of another nation to see how much they like/hate you, it would be useful to see a tooltip showing what stats contribute to that opinion, in the same way that reasons are listed in the "Great Powers" screen as to why the big boys support you or not.
  3. Map zoom:
    As many other have said, zooming in and out from the campaign map and battle map needs improvement.
  4. More Diplomacy Options:
    There are a few gaps here, for example demanding vassalization of a nation when not at war, or demanding they become part of your nation if culture is high and opinion is good.
  5. Loyalist Rebels:
    If Loyalist rebels completely take over a nation, including controlling the city/cities, surely the leadership of that nation should be overthrown. I had a situation playing as Castile where neighbouring Portugal (1 province) had lost control of Porto to loyalist rebels and there were three loyalist rebel armies wandering aimlessly about the countryside but the old King of Portugal remained in power. Shouldn't the nation immediately join yours once loyalist rebels take full control?
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