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Playing with Friends in the World Map - Grand Strategy possible with Auto Resolve in Battles


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I would like to give my opinion, more like a kind request for development. An suggestion:

How would be nice to see the "World Map" for Players vs Players vs AI (not possible in KoH I, just skirmishes for PvP). And can be! With AutoResolve Battles, its possible!

For me, the actual fun and genius of the Game, is the Real Time World of events, everything happening at the same time at the Map. I never "joined" the Battles. It’s how i always played KoH I, having fun playing at a miniature, live world map. I´m sure that there alot Players that has the same preference. So, please, make this possible! It would add a large appeal for the game, for players with the same interest as I have.


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Additionally this could work even without forcing autoresolve on every battle. Manual battles could be shared by the co-op players, or even made such that the co-op player takes control of the enemy units. 

There are multiple ways to skin a cat. 

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