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  1. What if the non-marshall roles hire "captains" for them to lead small bands of soldiers, and if those armies get destroyed the main character (spy merchant etc) gets a debuff for x amount of time. (This way they lost some power that they invested in the small armies)
  2. The reason that you are faster is because you are on horse wich is faster than foot soldiers, and you are not having the logistics of army supply that slow you down. (atleast that's how I imagine it) The idea is that just the command staff changes position. That could also be an option, but that would be something for the entire army, not just the marshall.
  3. I have a suggestion regarding re-deploying marshals to a diffrent front. Let's say you are fighting in the east vs someone quite easy and you get attacked in the west, you want your best marshal to fight for you in the west. I would suggest a re-deploying mechanic where you don't teleport your army but let it move 3x faster (whatever amount but 3x sounds good to me) on the map. And this would be your marshal group only. So you would need to drop off or disband your regular soldiers first. And to add a little protection to just disbanding add a 15-30 second prepare to move phase. (this is
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