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  1. Sounds great indeed. The living map in KoH 1 was also great...even on the battlefields!
  2. When i played the Fatimids back then, i was really role-playing and the immersion was great because of the buildings, the units, etc. All my story evolved in North Africa and the Middle East. I don't think i touched Europe in that game. So yes, i like to pick up Kingdoms or Empires due to it's specific visuals etc. Could be the Scots in Highlands, the Fatimids or...the Bulgarians. I loved KoH because i could really dive in.....most like in any other games i have played. I also think it is more realistic if you the conversion to your culture or religion from other nations take time....and
  3. I was very active as well. Following this game since the announcement! Hi guys. I wrote a fairly long AAR on the Fatimids back then.
  4. I am all for this as well..
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