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gold cost to replace kings army


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1 hour ago, kombattriarii said:

when your king dies his army goes into a mercenary state costing gold to rehire. can we get a change so if a marshal dies of old age the army is free to rehire? this is super crippling.

I remember them talking about this, but don't remember what was said.

I agree, it's annoying.

Workaround is you move your army into a town.  Meaning put them into the towns defender slots.  Do this when your king is venerable.  When he dies, hire a new marshal and then go back and get your army for free.

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25 minutes ago, kombattriarii said:

also when a knight gets called on a crusade. this can make the cost of a crusade well over 12k gold...

Yeah, just ignore those calls.  The worst that will happen is your clerics will drop a few points.  I don't even recall if you get a drop in relations with the Papal States.

Honestly, there is very little benefit to remaining a good Catholic.  If you get excommunicated, you suffer a small moral drop to your army and that is it.  (If there is more, I don't remember.)

Compare that to being a good Catholic with constant demands for money from the Papal States and wanting you to waste an army to go on crusades.

I just ignore everything the pope demands, and if he excommunicates me, ignore that too.  It's never been a problem.

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