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First Impression of a Random Guy


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I will probably update on this since I haven't even properly started playing yet, no instead I have been on the home screen and in the selection screen for approx. 30Minutes enjoying the amazing music and all the feelings coming to light seeing this game. Purely based on this experience I enjoyed my time like back in the day when I discovered the prequel I haven't come into contact with gameplay as of now, yet I am quite satisfied already.

to my shock I have seen many negative reviews just now looking at what other people think not understanding to the slightest in some regards, one person I pulled into discussion demanded graphics that resemble First Person story games where I ask myself which misconception made this man think that any Graphics card could render a war scenario with every character looking like a unreal AAA Title story games character non the less his Gear from 6 Years ago........ 

Edit 1: Got quite "addicted" to the game and understand the bad reviews even less, I personally would say this is a successful sequel made with a lot of love. I haven't been this lost in a game for ages and it's not only the nostalgic boost for me they promised something and delivered BIG time! 
As I read more reviews it is clear that they seem to be a bit contradicting for some the game is too similar to the prequel while for others it is too distant, another common aspect for negative reviews seems to be the "old" graphics in this regard I am less supporting the fact that the graphics are something negative I like that this will run on any machine however I do agree that there could be a higher variety of settings thus a higher "threshold" or "max graphic" so to speak. have not encountered big issues yet but since I follow my faithful full merchant 1 Knight tactic I play rather slow till I get just an absurd amount of money (Yes, I am aware of the raised difficulty in archiving this).

I sincerely hope everyone enjoys the game! I sure do!


Edit 2: found some small bugs I will try to replicate them and then check the forum if they are reported already. I do not want to spread any bugs that are system specific yet since my machine is heavily modified.


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Thank you for the thoughtful post, I enjoyed reading it, and I can agree with everything! You remind me of myself, back when I first got addicted to KoH 1 🙂 

Enjoy playing the game! I know I will 🙂 

Be healthy and safe!

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Couldn't agree more. I've been waiting years for something to give some real competition to Medieval 2 Total War, and for me, this is it. This game was my introduction to the KoH series. I love how charming it is, and the graphics contribute to that for me. I love the balance they struck between immersion and being willing to simplify the history a bit, which is what I always loved so much about Medieval 2.

I'm enjoying a game as Novgorod currently, and I'm impressed with the dynamics of playing with the Orthodox faith. No offense to any real Orthodox followers out there, but in most games, that branch of Christianity just boils down to Catholicism's boring cousin. This game brings a unique mechanic with the Patriarch and becoming independent, that helps make up for the lack of interactions with the Pope you get as a Catholic. I'm eager to try a Muslim faction soon to see if that religion plays as well.

This game feels at once complex and accessible, and best of all, I didn't have to consult any outside sources to get a grasp of the gameplay, which is more than can be said for most grand strategy games these days. I feel like the developers are punching way above their weight, and I really hope it continues to gain traction in the strategy community. I'm certainly loving the heck out of it.

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